Rearwin Cloudster

  Base model:Cloudster
  Basic role:Utility Transport
  Crew:Pilot & 2 passengers


  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Ken-Royce
  Horsepower (each): 100


Examples of this type may be found at
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut

Cloudster on display

New England Air Museum


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 , WI
I own serial number 809 which is the first three seated aircraft made by the factory. It is currently under restoration. We just finished serial no. 828 for a customer. It won grand champion classic at blakesburg, Iowa 2009.
12/05/2009 @ 06:53 [ref: 25390]
 Dave Stevenson
 Kingston, TN
I owned Cloudster N65050, an 8135T, which was built as a 2 place tandem instrument trainer. Originally purchased by the Civil Aeronautics Administration, it was used in the Dallas area until shortly after WWII/ It was sold a surplus and eventually (1960) in the Athens, OH area where it was restored. I acquired it in 1962 and kept it a couple of years. The rear panel had been removed and the rear seat was nearly big enough for two. The Goodyear 18x8-3 wheels/tires had become very scarce. I sold the plane in '64 and had lost track of it until I learned that it had been acquired by the Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum and is on display there. An interesting note- About a dozen of the 8135T model Cloudster were purchased by the Iranian Air Force in the early 40's for use as instrument trainers.
06/13/2007 @ 16:59 [ref: 16825]
 Bob Jean
 Duncan, OK
Does anyone keep up with where old Rearwins are now located (if still all in one piece)?
I owned a Cloudster, N34800, back in 1957, at Grand Prairie, Texas, and sure would like to know if it's still around.

Thanks, Bob Jean
03/18/2007 @ 17:26 [ref: 15940]
 gene zeigler
 warren, OH
at one time 1950 + a rearwien cloudster was based at warren airport and was tied down at the north end of a short 1,8oo ft strip with a number of other aircraft. the owner would only fly it if the wind was calm or to the south . powerlines to the north along with trees. it had a kenroyce engine don't know the horse power, was well equipped foar the day. sold to red phillips and he repainted it canary yellow with balck very nice looking. he talked about installing a warner engine but sold it instead. the rearwin went to west virginia. never heard of it again. was a ground lover on take off but was said to be quite fast. had wheel pants and a wind generator. landed short, but was said to be under powered.never saw a rearwin again. looked like a baby howard.i have also seen a skyranger at same airport. reminded me of a fabric coverde cessna 140.only had sticks instead of control wheels. gene
01/26/2006 @ 12:31 [ref: 12331]