Republic F-84G 'Thunderjet'

  Base model:F-84
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  First Flew:1951
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  Length: 38' 1" 11.6 m
  Height:12' 7" 3.8 m
  Wingspan: 36' 5" 11.1 m
  Wingarea: 260.0 sq ft 24.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 11,095 lb 5,031 kg
  Gross Weight: 23,525 lb 10,668 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Allison J35-A-29
  Thrust (each): 5,600 lb 2,540 kg

  Range: 2,000 miles 3,200 km
  Cruise Speed: 483 mph 777 km/h 420 kt
  Max Speed: 622 mph 1,001 km/h 541 kt
  Ceiling: 40,500 ft 12,344 m

1955/05/18United States Air Force,
Operation Handclasp II: Four F-84G Thunderjets flew non-stop from Tokyo, Japan to Williamstown (130 miles north of Sydney, Australia). These jets covered 4,840 miles in 12 hours 10 minutes with a cruising spped of 483

Known serial numbers
51-0692 / 51-0996, 51-0997 / 51-1066, 51-1067 / 51-1116, 51-1117 / 51-1226, 51-1227 / 51-1281, 51-1282 / 51-1343 , 51-9623 / 51-9707 , 51-9708 / 51-9964 , 51-9965 / 51-10304 , 51-10305 / 51-10764 , 51-10765 / 51-10974 , 51-10975 / 51-11249 , 51-16643 / 51-16751 , 52-2893 / 52-3192 , 52-3193 / 52-3242 , 52-3243 / 52-3329 , 52-8287 / 52-8486

Examples of this type may be found at
Hill Aerospace MuseumHill AFBUtah
Ohio ANG - 178th FG, SpringfieldSpringfieldOhio

F-84G on display

Hill Aerospace Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Andrew Wetzel
 Gainesville, FL
My father, Robert Paul Wetzel, flew an F-84G out of Taegu, SK, in the 310th Fighter Squadron (Top Hats) just after the end of the Korean War. He said he really enjoyed flying the F-84G. Base had tents, some buildings and a pet monkey.
07/16/2016 @ 21:06 [ref: 69717]
 C J Wirt
 Liberty, MO
I was a crew chief on a F84 G ser no 51-1528 in the 8th ftr bom squadron at Misawa AFB in Japan from dec 56 to dec 58
01/28/2015 @ 04:51 [ref: 68907]
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
The USAF Thunderbirds were formed in May of 1953 flying F-84G's
06/12/2013 @ 10:01 [ref: 67878]
 Earl Neiss
 Buckeye, AZ
I am submitting a picture of the Thunderbird team's F-84G A/C on the flight line at Luke AFB in 1953. The picture is from a Kodachrome slide I took while stationed there and only digitized recently. Other slides taken at that time were donated to Luke. This is the only one I kept. Note the F-51 in the background. They were just phasing them out at the time.
04/30/2011 @ 13:59 [ref: 37627]
 Bob Riner
 Savannah, GA
I was stationed at Paine AFB, Everett Wash. where a squadron of F-84Gs was assigned, in June 1953 straight out of Tech. School at Amarillo. They were replaced by F-86Ds. I can't remember exactly when, a long time ago. They were replace by F-89s with Genies which were still there when I was transfered to Misawa in Japan in spring of 1959. I believe that Paine Field closed in late 1959. I was there for six years and enjoyed those early years in the Air Force. In fact I enjoyed most of my twenty one years in ADC and TAC.
12/07/2010 @ 21:36 [ref: 33947]
 Bob Bloodsworth
 Goldsboro, NC
I also was a crew chief in the 9th FBS at Komaki AFB in Japan. One of my many memories is how we would insert mice in the tailpipe to raise the EGT to max for increased thrust. Lord knows it needed it. Like Cal Moran I was also there in 1956 and 1957. I would love to hear from anyone that wants to share memories of that time.

03/24/2010 @ 06:31 [ref: 25918]
 Dan Barker
 Laughlin, NV
I was stationed at Holloman AFB Nov. 1957-Feb. 1960. I then worked at the base for AUTONETICS Division(Feb. 1960-June 1961 of NAA on THE MINUTEMAN GUIDANCE. I did see some F84 zero launches, but no cameras were allowed.

10/29/2009 @ 08:50 [ref: 25232]
 Joe Orr
 Aviano AB, OTH
The 31st Fighter Escort Wing flew F-84Gs in 1952. In July 1952 they successfully completed the first wing deployment to the Far East by air refueling (Operation FOX PETER ONE). The Wing Commander, Col David Schilling led the formations to Travis, Hickam, Midway, Wake Island, Guam, Iwo Jima, Yakota AB, and Misawa AB, Japan. A local historical society here in Italy is looking for the correct nose and tail colors of Col Schilling's aircraft, FS-058-A. I know it was either blue or red. Anyone know which it was for sure?
06/05/2007 @ 04:00 [ref: 16742]
 Earl Neiss
 , AZ
In 1952 the Republic F84G was the aircraft used by the Thunderbirds at Luke AFB, Phoenix, Arizona, their original home. At that time we were privileged to watch them practice and perform over the base. They still perform every two years and 2007 will be one of those years at "Luke Days", March 24-25. Photo (from Arizona Republic) shows the G in Tbird markings.

03/06/2007 @ 03:53 [ref: 15782]
 Earl Neiss
 Prescott Valley, AZ
Fresh out of basic training in May 1952, I was assigned to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona when the Air Training Command was preparing pilots for service in Korea. This consisted mainly of air-to-air gunnery, air-to-ground rocketry and bombing techniques. However, these students were also exposed to actual air combat experience with pilots from Nellis AFB in Nevada, flying the F-86 Sabre, in case they happened to meet up with MIG pilots when they got to Korea. At that time the F-51 Mustang was just being phased out and flying the Thunderjet was a different kind of animal. My assignment was as a Film Assessing Technician to supply the 16mm film cassettes for the gun camera to the pilots for each of their training flights, get the film processed, run the film, assess the mission and record the results. When this was done the students were to come to me to review the film to see the results.
At that time the Air Training Command was also training pilots from many other countries under the Mutual Defense Alliance Pact.
I always loved the lines of this airplane and now, at the sight of a picture of one, a flood of memories comes back to me.

03/17/2006 @ 04:05 [ref: 12828]


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