Shorts C-23A 'Sherpa'

Notes: HIGH-WING, unpressurized cargo transport with full width aft loading ramp. Version of commercial 330/sherpa.
  Base model:C-23
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Transport

  Length: 58' 17.6 m
  Height:16' 3" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 74' 8" 22.7 m
  Wingarea: 453.0 sq ft 42.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 14,727 lb 6,678 kg
  Max Weight: 22,900 lb 10,385 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney (Canada) T101-CP-100
  Horsepower (each): 1198

  Range: 770 miles 1,239 km
  Cruise Speed: 181 mph 291 km/h 157 kt
  Max Speed: 218 mph 351 km/h 189 kt
  Ceiling: 20,000 ft 6,095 m

Known serial numbers
83-0512 / 83-0513, 84-0458 / 84-0473


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 Thomas (T.J) Guerin
 Fort Worth, TX
Hello all. I have so much to say that I typed this on word then cut and pasted here. If any of you want to contact me you may do so at wacoway@sbcglobal.net or just call 682 225-3614. I have a list of all of our Sherpa’s. The list has the disposition of all of them.

For instance 0466 Named /Bentwaters-Woodbridge/ delivered to U.S.A.F on July 1, 1985 /Transferred to US Army/ Crashed Jul 16, 1992, Colquitt, LA. 3 killed.

I have been in contact with the following folks within the last year;
Dale Cole/ Zef Banda/ Vince Colvin/ Paul Marvin/ Tim West (Catfish)/ Col. Bob Spivey/ Pat Summo/ Tom Cumbee/ Zuriel Armstrong/ Rich Klindt.

I met Dale Cole, Paul Marvin and Pat Summo for lunch when they were all here in Fort Worth, Texas in July,08.
That was great.

I hear that Tim Paradiso is attempting to have a 10th MAS reunion in Co. Springs in the Summer of 2009. I think the information will be on the Sherpa Society website. I would Love to hear from any and all of you. I will add you to my contact list when and if I do. Later.


08/27/2008 @ 07:19 [ref: 22560]
 T. Hall
 Little Rock AFB, AR
I was an Engine troop at Zwei from 1986 to 1988. The best assignment I've had in my 22 years of service. The C-23A Sherpa is a unique aircraft. I sure miss it. Paul Cahill! That's a guy I could never forget!
07/27/2008 @ 21:35 [ref: 22278]
 gary robins
 , FL
I too worked on the Sherpas in the 10th MAS, 1987-1990
I was the DCC on 40469 "Soesterberg". All I know is USAF kept four for pilot test school @ Edwards; 8 went to the U.S. Forest Service and the rest went to Army National Guard. When I worked at Hurlburt Field, I used to see 30512, and 30513 fly in from Edwards from time to time. I hear they are now retired. I would like to know where my plane went. C23A Sherpas at the 10th MAS were: 512,513,458,459,460,461,462,463,464,465,466,467,468,469,470,471,472,473
06/22/2008 @ 17:13 [ref: 21577]
 Kenneth Gill
 , OK
Hey is this Paul from tinker this is ken from 135's
03/22/2008 @ 18:29 [ref: 20229]
 Thomas (TJ ) Guerin
 Fort Worth, TX
I was one of the initial 10th MAS cadre in Zweibrucken Germany.Got there in Jul 84. Went to School for the sherpa in Belfast while the first and second plane were in the final test phases. I was a flight mechanic on these wonderful little planes from 84 until 89. I did not see another plane until I saw one at the Wright Pat Museum on television.
I then saw some in Iraq on a website while web surfing.I must say those ares some brave souls flying those airframes in that environment. For my comrads whom I served with in the 10th, you now have my email address.
01/02/2008 @ 06:21 [ref: 19119]
 tristan lock
 nob norfolk, VA
i work on the flight line at chambers field with vrc-40 and was on the line yesterday when i saw a c23 doing touch and goes. was wondering if it was still in mil. service
09/06/2007 @ 08:09 [ref: 17849]
 Paul B. Cahill
 , OK
For those looking for more C23A Sherpa information you can go to


or contact


02/16/2007 @ 20:39 [ref: 15552]
 Willy Beart
 , NB
The pic of N690 is of a C23B - note the wide lift strut and canted exhausts - this combination was only on C23B.
Also has wind deflector on fwd edge of side door for paratroop role.
The 330 had narrow lifts struts, and smaller nacelles, and no wind deflectors.
C23B+ had narrow struts and C23B type nacelles.
10/31/2006 @ 06:52 [ref: 14613]
 , PA
10/22/2006 @ 14:32 [ref: 14534]
 R. Boone
 Suffolk, OTH
I too worked on the Sherpas in the 10 MAS at Zweibrucken; 1989-1991 when they left. The last Sherpa I saw flying was over Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska. Funny thing is, I heard it before I saw it and knew exactly what it was...a Sherpa.

Easy planes to work on, for a sheet metal guy, unless, of course, the gust locks are unlocked during high winds and one of the push/pull rods breaks and beats the crap out of the ribs. Or, a pilot decides to fly thru a hail storm instead of around it and destroys the radome and both L/Es of the wheel pods. None the less...a fun plane, enjoyed it very much.


09/29/2006 @ 12:34 [ref: 14332]


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