Sikorsky YCH-54A 'Tarhe'

  Base model:H-54
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter

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Known serial numbers
64-14202 / 64-14207

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Transportation MuseumFort EustisVirginia

YCH-54A on display

United States Army Transportation Museum


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 Larry D Swann
 Kimberling City, MO
The YCH-54, S/N 64-14203 is the only remaining prototype Crane purchased by the Army. It was one of 4 helicopters deployed with the 1st Cav Div to Viet Nam in 1965. This helicopter was returned to the states to be utilized as a trainer at the T School when replaced by a production aircraft. The helicopter was used as the heavy lift bird by the 478th Avn Co since the load levelers utilized for 4 point suspension of loads had been removed. She flew 1000 hours combat time during her tour in Viet Nam. When unloaded from the C-133 that brought her back the 478th had painted a sign on her windshield stating "Handle her with Care" . 203 is one of a kind and has an excellent record of performing heavy lift missions in support of Viet Nam operations.
03/28/2004 @ 18:34 [ref: 7086]
 Dave Claridge
 Kellyville, OTH
As you may have heard, Sydney Australia is suffering tremendously under the threat of bushfire. One of the heroes of the fight against the fires is ELVIS - an Erikson-modified Tarhe designed to lift about 9 tonne of water (which can be sucked into the tank in 45 sec) - and the flexibility of this mighty machine is such that at the fire's peak it could keep circulating, rapidly, to keep the water raining down. Hundreds of homes in the inner suburb of Epping owe their houses to Elvis (name comes from the fact that the original Tarhe served with the ANG in Memphis...)
All of this is glowing praise for an elderly but awesome design. Long after the passing of her designers, this machine will still be saving lives.
01/04/2002 @ 06:59 [ref: 3979]


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