Stinson L-5E 'Sentinel'

  Base model:L-5
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
44-17453 / 44-18202

Examples of this type may be found at
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia


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 Kurt Olney
 , CA
Additional note: 1967 Lockheed built 2 QT-2 Prize Crew quiet/silent low altitude night recon planes for Vietnam. It was so successful, they built 11 YO-3As for use in Vietnam (see WWW.Y0-3A.COM.) Interestly Lockheed may not have known about the Stinson L-5 "Quiet Aircraft."
02/13/2007 @ 20:42 [ref: 15512]
 Kurt Olney
 Vista, CA
Stinson L-5E Sentinel (s/n 44-17939) was used by the NACA at Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Hampton, VA during 1947 for tests of a five-bladed quiet propeller and muffler. (Image A-41101 in the Smithsonian NASM Archives.)
02/13/2007 @ 20:17 [ref: 15511]
 Jim Gray
 Phoenix, AZ
See the Stinson L-5 Owners Club website at www.sentinelclub.org

11/02/2006 @ 20:41 [ref: 14647]
 Bill Larkins
 , CA
Just a reminder that the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard also flew the L-5. I will post three photos here as examples since there is no file for the OY.
09/17/2006 @ 19:02 [ref: 14194]
 Mattt Kuhns/ Benz Aviation
 Ionia, MI
We have recently picked up a L5E and are starting the restoration. I fanybody knows where we can get a litter door and frame, we would apeciate it. We will be posting the progress on our web site benzaviation.com, check it out later.
07/28/2004 @ 13:21 [ref: 7931]
 Jacksonville, FL
There is a Stinson L5E on display at the AirVenture Museum at Oshkosh:

I flew one of these in Ceylon in the 1950's when obtaining my PPL in Ceylon. It was great fun to fly!

Visit my website at:

My very best wishes! :-)
08/07/2002 @ 08:28 [ref: 5439]
 Amie Schuler
 Ft. Richardson, AK
The L-5 is an awesome airplane. My father in PA recently finished restoring a 1944 L-5E to its original condition. I'm not used to very powerful airplanes having soloed in a Piper Cub and later getting my lisence in a 150. I was just amazed at the power of the L-5 when I got my first post-restoration ride. This is truly a great airplane and it's a shame there aren't more of them still flying.
01/12/2002 @ 00:45 [ref: 4067]


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