Taylor J-2 'Cub'

  Base model:J-2
  Basic role:Utility Transport
  Crew:Pilot & Passenger

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Examples of this type may be found at
College Park Aviation MuseumCollege ParkMaryland

J-2 on display

College Park Aviation Museum


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12/26/2011 @ 20:52 [ref: 51504]
 jim stull
 Erie, CO
In a recent publication on Erie,Colorado (p. 118), a Taylor J2 is shown making Erie's first airmail delivery in 1937. The number is NC17986. Any comments?
12/18/2011 @ 11:29 [ref: 51187]
 Glenn Carnet
 Lake Havasu City, AZ
According to the FAA regitry N16958 is currently owned by JARS Linen Inc. 3100 Nevada Ave. South Lake Tahoe, CA 86150-2650.
01/30/2011 @ 13:15 [ref: 35900]
 Bill McMillen
 Lincoln, CA
Does anyone know the whereabouts of J2 N16958? I would like to know if it's still flying and would like to get some pictures for a memory book I am putting together. I owned this butiful little plane back in the early 1960's. I based it out of 'Farm Air' in Knights Landing, California. (See the 1st comment posting on this site.) Any help would be appreciated.


Bill McMillen
12/19/2010 @ 09:10 [ref: 34578]
 Bill McMillen
 Lake Havasu City, AZ
I owned N16958 back in 1960-62 It had the A40-4 single mag Continental Engine and would cruise between 45 and 65 MPH while burning about 3 gallons of fuel. I used to by my gas in 55 Gallon drums from Cheveron and filter it through a "Chamois and Bronze screen." On day in August 1961 I was flying over a burned off rice field just north of Lincoln, CA. The thermal from the field carried me to over 11,000 feet and this was with full power and nose down attitude. (shows how little power that 36 HP engine had.) At the top, I rolled over the edge of the thermal and was headed dow at the fastest speed I think that little J-2 had ever flown. I used to Land in a stiff head wind in almost a hoover. Great plane, I wish I still had it.

I sold it to the fellow that owned Placerville Laundry in Placerville, CA. One of the sadest days of my flying days

Don't fly anymore but I still remember when and dream of punching holes in the sky and clouds so heavey you thought you could shut the engine off and get out and walk on them.

12/12/2009 @ 21:00 [ref: 25423]
 Tom Otis
 Yorba Linda, CA
I aquired a J2 in 1966.It was all thereand been disassembled
many years before that. I fabricated new seats and floor board
for it.Unfortunatley,the seat assembly was damaged beyond repair in a flood at Corona,CA airport.Worse,somebody thought it was junk and stole it.My problem now is the missing metal
seat backs and seat pans.Can anybody out there offer some help
me with this problem?

Thanks,Tom Otis
08/19/2008 @ 14:55 [ref: 22499]
 Rollie Hartenfeld
 , OH
Ed, where are you and your J-2 project located??Rollie
01/03/2008 @ 08:33 [ref: 19129]
 Ed Katzen
 Westhampton, NY
I just bought a basket case 1937 Taylor Cub J2 NC19202. Looking for someone to restore it. Plane is 100% complete. also need person to overhaul the Continental A40. Can anyone help?
11/10/2007 @ 17:43 [ref: 18496]
 Randy Minnick
 Porterville, CA
Anyone neededing information about the J2 may call "DelAir" (located at KPTV Porterville Municipal Airport) in Porterville, CA. Harry Dellicker just did a complete bones out resto on a beautiful 1935 (but certificated in 1936) J-2 serial #934 - Reg #17277. The engine on this one is Continental A40-5 with the dual ignition.
07/23/2007 @ 16:10 [ref: 17251]
 marshall harshey
 avon, IN
I'm overhauling a a-40 engine and need a set of rings. Any help is appreciated.
07/09/2007 @ 09:31 [ref: 17048]


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