Taylorcraft BC-12D

  Base model:BC-12
  Basic role:Utility Transport

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 , MO

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12/26/2011 @ 10:11 [ref: 51365]
 , PA
I always wonder why the Taylorcraft seemed to be underated. I have flown cubs and champs. For all around performance I will take my 46 BC12-D anyday. Not to take away from the others mentioned, but all around performance is truly better. My opinion is that it may be a bit trickier than a cub or champ to grease a landing and many pilots just could not get the nack so therefore blamed the plane, not pilot skills. Well, good news. I found the cure for the pilots who are intimidated by the float factor...slow her down on final. Simple as that. My only complaint about the BC12-D. That damn metal cross member at the door opening. Sure would make it easy gettin in and out without it..Would it pass annual if I cut her out there??
10/05/2010 @ 16:59 [ref: 31126]
 Mark Bancroft
 Paris, ME
My dad learned how to fly in a BC-12D in the 60's. We have since owned a Skyhawk, four Skywagons and a Cessna 310. Now he is starting to wonder if he can keep his medical so I bought him another BC-12D. We are having fun flying it and two of my managers are taking lessons in it. I am preparing to put a C-85 with an O-200 crank in her now so she should wake up quite a bit. I just got some beautiful EDO 1320's and can't wait to get them on. What a great little plane! After learning to fly in Cessna 180's and putting over 1000 hours on my C-185, I literally feel like I wear the T-Craft when I fly it. It is so sensitive to rudder and trim inputs. I really love flying this awesome machine designed so long ago. Thank you Mr. Taylor!
07/01/2010 @ 19:36 [ref: 26856]
 , VA

Sandy Berie. Or. Ref 22867

I have a 65 hp in my BC 12 D amd want to up grade in order to have a starter. Do you have any guidance you could share for mr to accomplish this?

01/24/2009 @ 06:09 [ref: 23546]
 Warren Wiley
 , MN
Bought A T-craft in 1965, equipped with wheels skis and floats. Used it in SE Alaska. It was a marvelous little flying machine but it didn't pack a whole lot. You could sometimes overload it and stagger into the air etc. It was a great "beach airplane" because you could easily put it down on a firm beach. Takes off we fun sometimes because we could get strong SE winds straight down our main runway and all you had to do was power up, get the tail up and you were OFF the ground in no distance.
My little bird destroyed in 1967. They have always been underated by a great many people.
01/02/2009 @ 03:51 [ref: 23399]
 Mary Jo Knouff
 , VA
In 1953 I bought a Taylorcraft BC12D #44216 in Bozeman, MT for $400 dollars and first soloed in it in 1953. I traded it in 1955 for a Luscombe. I remember the Taylorcraft as a great gliding airplane and had lots of experience soaring in the mountains and valleys of Montana for the time I had it.
Does anyone know where it is now?
11/19/2008 @ 12:18 [ref: 23104]
 Sandy, OR
I'm working on a 1946 BC-12D and doing a modification from a 65HP to and 85HP and can't find some of the parts I need.
Does anyone know where I can find the following:

140 Cessna Exhaust System to put on the T-Craft. Do you have any info or sources or resources for the following?

We need a part number and a parts manual etc
Hanlon Wilson part number for a 140 exhaust system
An old exhaust system to rebuild
Taylorcraft cowling.- part no. B-A679-19R ,B-A679-19L,
Engine mount assembly part no. 2551
10/16/2008 @ 09:09 [ref: 22867]
 Augusta, GA
I just bought a 1946 BC12D AND HAVE JUST STARTED THE REBUILD. I HAVE THE AIRFRAME IN MY GARAGE AND I'm working on it day and night. I can't wait to fly it.(I have to learn to fly a tail dragger first)
04/08/2008 @ 16:52 [ref: 20390]
 Capt. Dennis Krk
 arcadia, FL
I just went into partners with two others on a 1946 BC-12D and have only a few hours flying her. It is GREAT! and a lot of Fun! SW Florida has a lot of little Mom & Pop airports to visit and this is what makes flying fun for me. Has anyone put floats on one with the c-65 engine? I live on the Peace River and own a marina and restaurant ( with my wife) Nav-A-Gator.com
03/18/2008 @ 07:46 [ref: 20087]
 Mabank, TX
Hi Yall:

I recently aquired an old Taylorcraft in need of a total restoration. It sat in a guys back yard for 20 years if that tells you anything. Can anybody give some clues as to where to get parts,blueprints, or any other help?

10/27/2007 @ 17:10 [ref: 18320]


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