Custer CCW-5 'Channel Wing'

  Base model:CCW
  Nickname:Channel Wing

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Examples of this type may be found at
Mid-Atlantic Air MuseumReadingPennsylvania

CCW-5 on display

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum


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 Rick Cahn
 California, MD
I can remember my father was a Job Shopper and worked as a designer for Devore Aviation in the 70's and worked on this aircraft.
11/14/2013 @ 05:17 [ref: 68165]
 Vincent Homer
 , CA
I hope you CCW-5 wasn't damaged on that landing in the 2nd flight video.

If you have brakes on the plane, have you ever tried locking them and rotating the aircraft as tail down as possible at full power before starting your takeoff roll.

My theory is that if the fuselage was designed to allow a considerable pitch angle on takeoff you would get lift from the channels and a vertical lift component from the props.

Any thoughts?

Vince Homer
01/01/2013 @ 19:30 [ref: 67462]
 Simon Vanderbauwede
 leffrinckoucke, OTH
I have recently build a scale model of the CCW-5 with a wings span of 2.5 meters .The flight caracteristics are realy good. The 13kg aircraft powered with two 1850W brushless motors and lipo battery 5000mAh 8cell on each motor can take of very rapidly .
you can find two videos on youtube here:
and here:
03/15/2012 @ 03:12 [ref: 54288]
 Vince Homer
 Ridgecrest, CA
Good luck with your model. Mine will be a little longer getting finished as I have just accepted a six month assignment in Kuwait. I suggest you find someone who is already an accomplished RC pilot to walk you through the first flights. That's what I intend to do whenever we get to the flight stage. Most areas have an RC club and there is always at least one "hotshot" pilot in the group.

My email address will be the same while in Kuwait.

Vince Homer

11/18/2007 @ 01:01 [ref: 18578]
 Ron Hutchinson
 Vancouver, BC
My first awareness of the "Custer wing" was via Bill Green, about 7 weeks ago. His email address no longer works, so I'm seeking another party who is active in modelling this type of machine.
I Have almost finished my model. It has a single channel and outboard wings. It's small, wing span 39" and overall length about 38".
If it shows "some promise" when I bench test it, it might be of interest to some other enthusiast.
But don't hold your breath. I am 82 yrs old, retired at 70 and have since made 6 conventional machines and destroyed 5 of them because I cannot manipulate the radio controls quickly enough.
Regards. Hutch.

11/08/2007 @ 18:19 [ref: 18470]
 Vincent Homer
 Ridgecrest, CA
I recently got my RC CCW model down from the rafters of my shop and we are in the process of finishing it.

We are using 700 watt outrunner eletric motors powered by two 3000 mah LiPo batteries with an electronic speed control for each motor.

The model started as a 1/4 scale version of a Titan Tornado experimental aircraft made from pink foam with 1 oz fiberglass covering. The spars and tail boom are carbon fiber tubes from deep sea fishing rods and arrow shafts.

The channels were made by turning a 14 inch diameter, 12 inch chord ring wing and cutting it in half. The channels are mounted with approximately 3 inches of straight wing between each and the fuselage and 12 inch outboard wing sections.

The ailerons are on the outboard wings and a smaller chord section in the outboard half of each channel.

The model used a 7 channel radio which allows us to also have brakes on the main wheels. The model uses a full flying elevator in an effort to get enough pitch control to put the tail boom on the ground with the brakes locked.

We are also using a piezo gyro for roll control to make takeoffs and landings less challenging.

I'll try to keep everyone posted as to the progress.
09/29/2007 @ 21:51 [ref: 18055]
 Andrew Daylor
 Oswego, IL
This is a response for Bruce Green from Elgin, IL.
I am quite interested in learning and working with Custer's ideas and designs, but with lighter materials and more efficient engines. Feel free to contact me @ Andrewdaylor@comcast.net

08/14/2007 @ 14:17 [ref: 17604]
 Vincent Homer
 Ridgecrest, CA
I would love to get a copy of the article on the CCW model as mentioned in your posting. I did some wind tunnel work for Custer in 1970 and published an article in the AIAA Journal of Aircraft. I also have an RC model hanging in my shop that I started a few years ago and somehow never got around to finishing.

Vincent Homer
1216 Denise Ave.
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
03/02/2007 @ 01:48 [ref: 15720]
 John Lockwood
 Layton, UT
While at an antiques fair last week I noticed an old Popular Mechanics magazine, Jun 1947, that had a cover picture of a 'future' airplane with the channel wing. Because it was in a wrap I was not able to review the article but I figured it must be related to Mr Custer's design work. As an RC aircraft modeler I was tempted to buy the issue but I already have too much stuff (just ask my wife!). Also, several years ago there was an RC model made of the CCW-5 that was displayed at the annual Quarter Scale modelers get-together at Las Vegas. It is also fetured (pictured) in the now defunct Scale RC Modeler magazine of which I have all except one issue. I do not know if the model ever flew. If anyone would like a copy of the article they can contact me and I will dig it out and run copy(s) for them.
John L.
02/09/2007 @ 10:44 [ref: 15465]
 Joseph L. Freire
 Huntington Station, NY
I flew the CCW-5 while working for Devore Engineering
back in the 70's. I was employed as an Engineer by
Devore Engineering, but I was also a pilot and flew
the CCW-5 during its preliminary certification tests.
I have a lot of photographs taken with the CCW-5 during
that period.

10/03/2006 @ 07:30 [ref: 14352]


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