Short Bros. SolentMk III

Notes: Eight seat business aircraft
  Manufacturer:Short Bros.
  Base model:Solent
  Version:Mk III
  Basic role:Commercial Transport




Examples of this type may be found at
Western Aerospace MuseumOaklandCalifornia

SolentMk III on display

Western Aerospace Museum


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 Dave Smith
 Marple, Cheshire, OTH
I was an apprentice @ Short Bros.,Rochester Seaplane Works in 1945-47 & worked on many Sunderlands 1,2,3,4 & 5. The Mk 4 was rather different(mainly fin enhancement & engines-Centaurus I think?)so it was renamed the Seaford & this became the Solent in civilian form (as the Mk5 became the Sandringham for civil airlines).I'm pretty sure the first Solent registration was G-AHIL(I have a photo'somewhere!). Presumably, your aircraft is a much later production model- probably built in Belfast as much work was being diverted to the Short & Harland factory there when I left.
11/08/2007 @ 15:59 [ref: 18461]
 Dan Fairon
 Sonoma, CA
At one time this SolentMK III was owned by Howard Hughes. My grandfather was the working at the United maintenance bases from the forties thru the sixties and saw this aircraft under Hughes armed guards sitting on the ramp at SFO. He wasen't sure why Mr. Hughes had purchased it, but he did fly it at least once or twice and was most likely used as one of several training aircraft for Mr. Hughes Spruce Goose flight.
01/20/2007 @ 07:58 [ref: 15239]
 Auckland, YT
A Mk IV Solent, operated between 1949 and 1960 by Tasman Empire Airlines Limited (now Air new Zealand) can be seen completely restored, can be seen in teh main hangar at Sir Keith Park Memorial branch of the Museum of Transport and Technology, Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand.

P.S. Your state Province thing 'Other' isn't functioning. Looks like I've got to be North American :-).
08/17/2005 @ 03:20 [ref: 11005]


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