Easy Riser

  Base model:Easy Riser
  Designation:Easy Riser
  Basic role:Ultralight

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Examples of this type may be found at
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona


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 Bob Trail
 Pomona Park, FL
It seems a problem contacting contributors who don't provide e-mail addresses so here's mine for those who have inquiries: griffinaero@yahoo.com
In my prior message I left that out, sorry.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob Trail
09/07/2011 @ 11:47 [ref: 48786]
 Bob Trail
 Pomona Park, FL
I have a lot of experience with Easy Risers. I've built two, one with the styro ribs and the later model as well as repairing and flying several others. I've also got lots of information, materials, parts, and a "new" (built in '79) never flown stock 'Riser in its custom aluminum hangar box ready to fly with McCulloch 101 engine with 42 inch prop for sale. It has classic Stearman paint job.
I'll be happy to provide advice for those who ask.
09/04/2011 @ 08:17 [ref: 48492]
 john coyier
 Dallas, OR
June 6, 2011
Plan to begin repairing the Easy I built and crashed back in 77? or around that time. Would like to get in touch with someone that can coach me on the flight characteristics so I don't end up wrecking it a second time. The sensitive pitch control is what I believe caught me the first time I flew her and she did a nice whip stall and went straight down into the deck.
06/06/2011 @ 19:05 [ref: 39200]
 Lars Urban
 Berlin, DC
If one might have an unbuilt Easy Riser kit somewhere in the basement/barn/roof and thinks about parting with it i would be delighted to hear from you.
Best wishes
05/27/2011 @ 04:17 [ref: 38818]
 Rick Whitlock
 , GA
I built it in 1978. I had never seen one, but saw an add in a magazine "fly from you own back yard". I bought my kit from a man in north florida who had broken his back on the one he built. He bought two kits and sold me the second one.

it was the ost fum flying machine I every sat in.
03/29/2011 @ 13:26 [ref: 37136]
 , NY
To anyone with experience flying an easy riser. I just stole an easy riser biplane on craigslist, however I dont know how to fly it. I have never flown an ultalight however I have had about 50 hrs in a cessna 150. How can I learn how to fly? Where are the instructions? Is it a bad idea to teach myself? Advice would be very helpfull. Thanks easternnewpilot@yahoo.com
08/30/2010 @ 03:04 [ref: 29679]
 elizabeth, IN
looking for used easy riser contact me by email thanks ron
01/11/2010 @ 15:49 [ref: 25553]
If you're interested in obtaining an EZ I have a good one available ALRTONE@cs.com
08/10/2008 @ 19:07 [ref: 22423]
 Paul M Nulton
 Hallstead, PA
I am rebuilding a "long wing" Riser that I first flew in the spring of 1980. It was found on a farm in a garage
that had fallen in on the trailer where it was in being stored. That was back in the mid 90's.
Some updates are being built in and should be in the air this summer.
Over the years I have built 4 of them and NEVER put on a tail or made dramatic changes. Just a 049 trailing tube and my own design for landing gear.
Sold my spare one to Bill Lishman to use in the movie "Fly Away Home".
I am always looking to save history, the Easy Riser was the start of it all.
I hope with this new FAA rule, that true 103 ultralights will start the revolution all over again.This is truly an affordable flying machine. Easy to build and a thrill to learn to fly! The Easy Riser can make this happen all over again.
02/18/2008 @ 14:53 [ref: 19707]
 yedidala / LEFKE, OTH
Iam an turkish cypriot (T.R.N.C.)interested in easy riser plans. Appreciated anyone help. thankyou sincereley.
02/03/2008 @ 12:42 [ref: 19540]


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