Vickers 745D 'Viscount'

  Base model:745
  Basic role:Commercial Transport (UK)

  Length: 81' 2" 24.7 m
  Height:26' 9" 8.1 m
  Wingspan: 93' 8.5" 28.5 m
  Gross Weight: 64,500 lb 29,251 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Rolls-Royce Dart 506
  Horsepower (each): 1400

  Cruise Speed: 276 mph 444 km/h 240 kt

Examples of this type may be found at
Mid-Atlantic Air MuseumReadingPennsylvania

745D on display

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum


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 Mark Lincoln
 Houston, TX
The information for the Viscount 745D is wrong. The 745D had Dart 510 engines. The 745 & 744 (also operated by Capital) were equipped with Dart 506 engines. The 745 & 745D Viscounts are easily recognized by their over-wing fuel dump tubes.
10/29/2015 @ 02:08 [ref: 69293]
 Mark Lincoln
 , TX
My father, Chester Lincoln, and ywo other Capital pilots, John Merriman and John Perkins, were supposed to deadhead to ORF on Flight 20. They were bumped by paying passengers.
05/07/2015 @ 13:45 [ref: 69076]
 Mark Lincoln
 , TX
The 745 and 745D Viscounts were built for Capital. Northeast had the 798D. Capital started flying their first Viscount in 1955, Northeast did not get them until 1958.
05/07/2015 @ 13:34 [ref: 69075]
 kiinley kent Frazier iron worker
 kasilof, AK
My father Kent Frazier flew for ray Charles in the 80s he was getting old and retired thank the good lord he made every trip safe to the end of his career god bless all of the family s that were involved such a trajic loss my prayers go out to everyone kinley frazier
01/28/2015 @ 17:18 [ref: 68908]
 Charlotte Bradby
 charles city, VA
Im just a 22 year old farm girl, who wasnt around when this happened, but i do work on the farm that this happened on. The people who owned it then, still own andrun the farm. Mr.Tench told me and my husband the story of the plane crash, which my boss was only 6at the time. I hunt the woods that the plane crashed in. Ots very clear that something happened there. U can feel it. Its not a bad or scary feeling at all tho. Idk how to explain it. I would just like to say im sorry for the loss of all these familys.
10/18/2014 @ 16:01 [ref: 68702]
 Maureen Clanton
 Zephyrhills, FL
My father was on a Capital Airlines flight the week after this crash coming from Chicago to Washington National Airport. The same thing happened to their aircraft in almost the same place! The pilot came on the intercom and calmly explained that he was going to rapidly descend to restart the engines. As everyone tensely gripped their armrests the plane descended once, the engines wouldn't start; twice the engines wouldn't start and finally a third time and the engines started! The oxygen masks had dropped and one over the seat in front of my father caught fire. A stewardess sitting nearby calmly reached over and pinched off the tube to cut the oxygen and the fire went out. When they reached the airport the pilot drove straight to the gate with the nose facing the gate. The ground crew made him start the aircraft and turn it to the side. He did this by revving the engine and pressing the right rudder. The engine was screaming and the passengers were getting visibly upset. A lady in the seat across from my father asked him what was happening. He said don't worry they didn't like the way the pilot landed the plane so they were making him go up and do it agian! That tension the broke just as the engines were shut down again and they all applauded the pilot and crew!
05/23/2014 @ 03:23 [ref: 68483]
 Margaret Revis
 , NC
My aunt was killed in that crash. She was a Catholic nun who was traveling back to DePaul Hospital in Norfolk after attending the AMA Convention.We were living in Silver Spring, Md and I remember the phone ringing in the middle of the night. It was several days before her remains were identified. I was 14 and was home alone when someone from the airline called and decided I was old enough to hear the details and relay the information to my parents. I am thankful that families seem to be treated better in this day and time. To this day, every time I hear of a new crash, I relive those terrible weeks. My aunt was a brilliant woman who left us much too soon and my father was never quite the same.
07/06/2013 @ 17:36 [ref: 67930]
 Kingman, AZ
I spent 20 years from 1974 to 1994 as a mechanic and Captain on the Viscounts for Go Air, Ron Clark enterprises, Viscount air Service and Starship Inc. The 745D Viscount was a Northwest airlines version and had Dart 510 engines and they are 1600 hp. We brought back the Ray Charles aircraft after it ran off the runway in Blooming. Ray did fly the aircraft he had an entire flight manual made in Braile, (I saw it).
I still have about 100,000 Viscount parts for sale at american-aircraft.com
07/09/2012 @ 21:51 [ref: 63110]
 William Sheldon
 , IL
My mother was also on this flight. It was her first time ever on a plane. She left Norfolk for a beautician class in Washington D.C. I had just been stationed in Frankfurt, Germany with the US Army for only 26 days when the accident happened and I returned to Norfolk,Va. for the services. May God bless her soul. I was the oldest of her three sons. A very strange thing happened when I moved to Galesburg and became a city Letter Carrier. On my mail route was a lady whose sister was also on this same flight. Very strange!!!!!!!
05/13/2011 @ 19:09 [ref: 38002]
 Jon Goranson
 Ringgold, GA
My father, a Navy Captain, died on that plane. I was born three months later. My mother, who had seen the site in 1960, took me back in 1972 or so. Ms. Tench (named in an earlier post) was very kind to us in taking us back to the site. I took some metal, presumably from the plane, and telephone wire we found (apparently they had installed public phones during the investigation.) I drove around there a few years ago but couldn't find the site as I remembered. Seems like a lot of new houses had gone up. Does anyone know the current status of the site? Is it still free of any buildings?
06/14/2010 @ 18:35 [ref: 26595]


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