Vought F6U-1 'Pirate'

  Base model:F6U
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
122478 / 122507, 124380 / 124414


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 Ken Kavula
 Virginia Beach, VA
Neat looking ship, but with major performance and stability issues. The 'thingies' on the horizontal stabilizers were not originally a part of the aircraft, they were an attempt by Chance Vought to solve a buffeting problem which plagued the Pirate at high speeds. Never did quite solve the issue.
02/21/2014 @ 02:18 [ref: 68361]
 Jim Kaufmann
 Arlington, TX
The last remaining F-6U Pirate aircraft is now under going restoration at the Vought plant in Grand Prairie, Texas. The aircraft was transferred from the New England Air Museum to Vought on October 2002. The BuNo is 122479, Vought production number 2. The photos referred to above show this aircraft and parts of another on the firing range at Socorro, New Mexico.
The restoration process is nearly at a standstill due to many missing parts; including wing center section, 1 wing outer panel, all 3 landing gear, and a few lower fuselage panels under and aft of the wing center section.
We at the Vought Retirees Club are actively searching for these parts, but so far--no luck. When there is only 1 left, parts are extremely hard to find. Anyone with any leads would be greatly appreciated.
06/25/2005 @ 23:56 [ref: 10590]
 Richard Salata
 Brighton, MI
My question abought the f6u's should have been, the Pirate being restored by Vought for the museum is it one of the aircraft I saw in the mag,? And if it is where is the other?
01/30/2005 @ 11:05 [ref: 9306]
 Richard Salata
 Brighton, MI
Is tne Pirate by Vought one of the aircraft that I saw in a picture many years ago in a Wings or Airpower mag,. I beleve two of them were laying at a weapons test area in the west, I think the article said thay were the last examples and they were being saved for the Navel Aviation Museum? I've alwase wonderd what happend to them.
01/29/2005 @ 10:02 [ref: 9297]
 Bill Moseley
 Augusta, ME
The last F6U, formerly at New England Air Museum, is now being restored at the Vought restoration center. I Understand that it will eventually be located at the National Museum of Naval Aviation(Pensacola). Hurrah!!
12/28/2004 @ 15:51 [ref: 9000]
 Bill Moseley
 Augusta, ME
The Pirate is one of my favorite early jets. Surprisingly, quite a few photos and info resources are available on the internet - just keep searching! The only remaining example(+ a half) is at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Lockes, CT. That's a GREAT museum, by the way.
As a modeler, I have tried to identify and replicate as many of the details as possible. The Steve Ginter series book is excellent, but there are still various little bumps & warts that I can't identify, like the inverted "T" thingies hanging from the horizontal stabilizers(antennae or balances? Hat racks for the ground crew?).
*If anyone has lots of knowlege on this, I'd appreciate an e-mail.
*If anyone wants to swap info or see my NEAM photos, give me an e-shout.
07/24/2001 @ 13:35 [ref: 2745]


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