Vought F8U-2 (F-8C) 'Crusader'

  Base model:F8U
  Equivalent to: F-8C
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter
  First Flew:1958/08/20
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  Length: 54' 3" 16.5 m
  Height:15' 9" 4.8 m
  Wingspan: 35' 8" 10.8 m

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-16
  Thrust (each):17,500 lb 7,936 kg

  Max Speed: 1,322 mph 2,128 km/h 1,150 kt

Examples of this type may be found at
Pacific Coast Air MuseumSanta RosaCalifornia

F-8C on display

Pacific Coast Air Museum


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 louis zezoff jr
 granite city, IL

i posted comments on your web several months ago---you miss-spelled my last name


01/28/2007 @ 07:04 [ref: 15323]
 Lou \"ZEKE\" Zeliff
 granite city, IL
was a plane capt vf 142 1961 made the cruise aboard USS
Kitty Hawk CVA 63 around cape horn
sqd converted to F4,s after that cruise ,remember very violant storm after leaving Rio De Janiero

10/31/2006 @ 10:26 [ref: 14615]
 Bill Wickett
 sacramento, CA
I joined VF-142 aboard the Oriskiny in Okinawa in late 1960's after putting the USS TOLEDO-CA-133 out of comission. Year and a half we were aboard the KITTYHAWK CVA-63 on her maidin voyage, stopping for awhile a gitmo for the missle crisis. I was a flight deck trouble shooter along with Bill Childress and we both loved the F8U/2N's we both made our ADJ-5 ratings during that trip.

I now run an internet business WWW.SIGNSTORE.COM and still live in Sacramento 916-488-1637
09/25/2006 @ 13:25 [ref: 14284]
 mike shamroy
 setauket, NY
i served in three " crusader " squadrons; vf-174 at cecil field, fla. - vf-132 at cecil field, fla. - and vf-103 at oceana, va.- all in the 1960's. was a plane capt. & line trouble shooter. made a carrier qual. cruise aboard the independence, cva-62, the " shakedown " aboard the constellation, cva-64 & 2 med. cruises aboard the forrestal, cva-59. discharged from usn in jan. 1965 as an ams3 at the new york naval ship yard, brooklyn, ny. any and all that served aboard the forrestal: log on to forrestal.org & get behind the effort to bring her home to baltimore, md. as a floating museum. she is currently berthed in newport, RI along with her sister ship the saratoga. mike.
12/13/2005 @ 12:05 [ref: 11971]
 Lee Jensen
 Van Nuys, CA
I was a plane captain on an F8U-2 crusader at VF 142 Nas Miramar Ca from 1959 -1961 bu number was 146913 side #was 206 . The plane was flown primarly but Ron E Evans Ltjg who became an astronaut in the early 60s and flew command module on the last trip to the moon in the early 70s.The photo of the F8s on the flight deck was my squadron VF 142. a very good and accurate shot of the birds. Lee Jensen
11/28/2005 @ 10:01 [ref: 11820]
 Mike Dobrzelecki
 Millington, NJ
I am in contact with Tony Nargi who scored a kill on a Mig-21 while flying an F8C with VF-111 from the USS Intrepid on September 19 1968, as well as Tony's wingman, Alex Rucker.

Purpose is to develop an exhibit aboard the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum on their mission. We're evn thinking of repainting the Crusader we aboard the museum in nargi's markings, even though it's a different model than the F8C he flew. As usual i'll get an article published somewhere on the outome of my research.

I have created and worked on numerous museum exhibits for the Intrepid ( 20 major exhibits there) and other institutions ( about 60 for other venues) over the past 22 years. Log onto http://www.njipms.org and click on the "Features" button to view the exhibit I created on Colonel Francis S.Gabreski - top U.S. ace of WWII in the ETO
and a Mig Ace in Korea.
05/30/2003 @ 12:24 [ref: 6485]


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