Vought F8U-3 'Crusader'

  Base model:F8U
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter
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Known serial numbers
146340 / 146341, 147085 / 147087, 147088 / 147100


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 Terry Lawver
 Woodbridge, VA

Does anybody have the definitive word as to what finally happened to the Super Crusaders? Were they all butchered up and scrapped or are there any on display anywhere?
05/28/2006 @ 22:18 [ref: 13399]
 r. brandon
 newton, KS
i alwalys wondered where they went when they were puton the train whentheleft the factory. old vought employee 1954 to1963 r. brandon
03/15/2003 @ 21:29 [ref: 6368]
 Dan Robinson
 , CA
About 1960, I visited Moffet and wandered around the NASA
facility. There was an F8U-3 in the hangar parked above
drip-pans filled with hydraulic fluid. There was another,
merely a hulk, dumped in a ditch. It had hundreds of cuts
from a circular saw, where (I was told) samples had been
taken to study the influence of heat on the metal. The NASA
folks told me that had all the information they wanted from
the F8U-3 and would dispose of them when they got around to
it. What a waste!

I've since wondered if a search of Moffet's junk yard/fire
practice area would turn up anything.

dan robinson
09/01/2002 @ 22:18 [ref: 5601]
 Pittsburgh, PA
This was designed to be the Navy's mach 3 interceptor.
The F8U-3 was the plane for which the J58 engines were originally built.
After the F8U-3 lost out to the F4H, the navy lost interst in it, and subsequently the advanced engines
were mothballed until Lockheed dusted them off and modified them
to be used for the Blackbird family.
04/20/2001 @ 00:17 [ref: 2121]


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