Vultee BT-13 'Valiant'

  Base model:BT-13
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1930-1947
  Basic role:Basic Trainer

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
40-810 / 40-1109

Examples of this type may be found at
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Goodfellow AFBGoodfellow AFBTexas
Hill Aerospace MuseumHill AFBUtah
Maxwell AFB Air ParkMaxwell AFBAlabama

BT-13 on display

Castle Air Museum

Maxwell AFB Air Park


Recent comments by our visitors
 Louis Pratt
I had several long conversations with Paul Pfoutz. He told me that he bought the "Pfoutz Wulf" in California, that it had been converted into a crop duster. He removed the crop dusting equipment and retained it's single cockpit configuration.
08/24/2008 @ 00:43 [ref: 22535]
 Patricia Percoco
 Sarasota, FL
My aunt was lost Sept 11,1947 flying a BT-13 NC-58684 silver with red cowling between McChord Field, Washington to North Bend. To date still missing.

How do you find out about registration on these planes?

Pat Percoco
10/19/2007 @ 01:42 [ref: 18233]
 Richard R Hodge
 Itapiranga, CA
I acquired a "Vultee Vibrator" (BT-13) in October '52. Her registration was N66846, and I based her at the El Cajon Flying Service at Gillespie Field (just east of San Diego. In Oct '55, I acquired another BT-13 with registration of N57375.

Does anyone know if either one of these two aircraft still exist? Any info would be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

05/11/2007 @ 18:11 [ref: 16462]
 Sherrie Peters
 Fresno, CA
I need to find out how to obtain a large picture of a BT13 for my boyfriend for Chistmas. He had one and would like to get another, right now he has a PT26 and recently had a Meyers OTW. Could you please tell me either a website or how to go about obtaining a picture or poster.
Thank you. ASAP would be great as it is for Christmas.
12/01/2006 @ 07:36 [ref: 14885]
 Melissa Mundhenk
 , FL
Paul Pfoutz was my Grandfather and he died in 1986. Jason, you have a great memory: the "Pfoutz Wulf" was not converted in any way but merely painted in the theme... And Mr. Emmert you are completely correct. 3 BT's were converted to 6 place and 2 of them crashed a long time ago. You've made my day to hear that someone else knows the story: I had begun to think of it as just a story that Grandpa used to tell.
Thanks for remembering him, guys!!!
06/10/2006 @ 11:31 [ref: 13488]
 Tom Emmert
 , OH
The 6-place ship was owned by Pfoutz from at least the mid-60s, but he did not do the conversion. In fact it was one of about three converted in the late 40s for a Mexican company. The basic frame is not modified except for some revised internal bracing between the front and rear cockpit. I think only one modified ship remains.
04/15/2006 @ 19:45 [ref: 13172]
 Jason Hudson
 , OK
The 6 place BT13 was a conversion done by Pfoutz in Ohio. It is the only one. When I was about 12 (1987), my dad and I were enroute to Oshkosh when we stumbled on the Pfoutz farm. The 6 place was in storage and they had also converted a BT to look like a FW-190. They called it the Pfoutz Wulf. It had an extended nose and the wings were moved forward I believe. Good luck restoring the 6 place. I don't know if Pfoutz is still alive, they were up in years when I met them. Nonetheless, it was an amazing modification.
08/30/2005 @ 14:05 [ref: 11128]
 Walt Adams
 , NJ
Correcting my prior comment, the BT-13A at Naval Air Station Wildwood, NJ is serial # 42-88708.
07/20/2005 @ 11:30 [ref: 10793]
 Walt Adams
 Villas, NJ
Naval Air Station Wildwood, Cape May, NJ has just aquired a BT-13 in pieces, reconstruction to begin this winter. Serial # is 63-3302 1321, build date 9-24-1941. Photos to follow.
07/14/2005 @ 11:37 [ref: 10752]
 melissa mundhenk
 , FL
My father is currently restoring a 6 place BT-13. I believe it is the only one left [in the world?]. Once he is finished, he may wish to sell... Does anyone know any body who would want it??? Thank you.
12/26/2004 @ 12:25 [ref: 8969]


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