Vultee P-66 'Vanguard'

  Base model:P-66
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit

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Known serial numbers
42-6832 / 42-6975


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 D. Howerton
 Dyersburg, TN
The P-66 was a plane that should have had a distinguished combat career in WWII. When compared with the Grumman F4F, especially the F4F-4 which was produced in large numbers, the P-66 is the clear design winner. Both are slightly less than 29 feet in length and weigh about the same empty and loaded. Both aircraft were powered by Pratt & Whitney R1830 series engines, although the -3 Wildcat's engine had a two stage, two speed turbosupercharger, giving it a high altitude performance edge. The P-66's wingspan is two feet less than the F4F at 36 feet. But that's about as far as the similarity between the two planes goes. The Vanguard was 20 miles per hour faster than the -4 Wildcat and 9 miles per hour faster than the more capable -3 model with a better rate of climb and maximum range than both Wildcat models. Whereas the Wildcat's guns were mounted in the wings, the Vanguard had two .50 cal fuselage mounted machine guns firing through its propeller arc and giving more accurate killing power at a greater distance in addition to four wing mounted .30 cals which could have been replaced with a couple of .50s. While both warbirds used conventional gear, one of the drawbacks with the Wildcat was the narrower track of its main gear. Although the Wildcat was a successful prewar design and a great airplane in its own right, I think the Vultee P-66 would have ultimately been a better choice for fleet defense and escort duties. As an aside, if all the bracework of the canopy of the P-66 is removed to give the pilot better visibility, a side view of the plane looks a lot like the Corsair which came along later in the war.
08/18/2013 @ 08:38 [ref: 68022]
 Ken Mazoch
 , TX
AZ models makes models of the Vanguard in both 1/72 and 1/48. I just ordered a 1/72 one from Relish Models today (01/14/2010). Try them.
01/14/2010 @ 16:14 [ref: 25576]
 Louis Pratt
For several years I have been working on a full sized replica of the P-66. I have completed much of the landing gear retract. I have built an instrument panel. I have wheels, brakes, hydraulic control valves, canopy, stick, wing tips, tail cone, windshield, seat, trim controls, side panels, new prop, inspection plates, oil cooler, throttle quadrant, fuel selector, fuel strainer, fuel guages, carb, mags, electrical components, manuals, drawings, etc., and fixtures to build the fuselage and engine mount. I am interested in locating others who share my interest is seeing some flying examples of the airplane, and/or people who are intersted in making parts. I also remain interested in finding the remains of an original P-66 to preserve and or to use for patterns.
12/17/2007 @ 01:42 [ref: 18944]
 Griffin, GA
Does anyone make a good model of the P-66? Has anyone heard any more news of the possible planes in crates in China? I think this is one of the most beautiful airplanes ever made and it would be nice to see someone build a replica with a Rotec Radial engine.
Thanks for the info,
08/22/2007 @ 09:23 [ref: 17720]
 Joel Reinleib
 Smithtown, NY
I think the Vultee R-48 prototype which was an experiment to give the effect of an in-line engine over a radial one was one of the most beautiful fighters ever designed. It's unfortunate that heating problems and the lack of a true in-line were not available to Vultee at that time.
09/05/2006 @ 15:57 [ref: 14081]
 Nuremberg, OTH
Vultee P-66 Vanguard

Crew: 1 men
Length: 8,64m
Wingspan: 10,97m
Height: 2,87m
Wing Area: 18,30m
Wing Load: 176kg/mē
Max. Speed: 547km/h
Max. Range: 1547km
Climb Rate: 768m/min
Service Ceiling: 8595m
Weight Loaded: 3221kg
Specific Power: 373hp/t
Engine: 1x Pratt & Whitney R-1830-33
Total Power: 1200 HP
Armament: 2x 0.50'' Browning M2 + 4x 0.30'' Browning M2

03/26/2005 @ 07:35 [ref: 9800]
 Donald I. Kasserman
 Reidsville, NC
Your web site did not have any specifications listed for the
P-66 Vanguard....Go to the USAF Museum web site, they have
a good set of specs and history on the P-66.

03/25/2002 @ 22:05 [ref: 4584]


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