Waco CG-15A

  Base model:CG-13
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1941-1947
  Basic role:Transport Glider

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
45-5276 / 45-5660


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 James West
 Franklin, IN
I am the webmaster for Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana, where in 1945-1946 hundreds of captured enemy aircraft were evaluated, including "special" Americah aircraft. Glider CG-15, 43-37082 was at this field. Any information available on this aircraft would be appreciated.

The site is at www.IndianaMilitary.org Select Freeman AAF

05/02/2004 @ 10:09 [ref: 7345]
 Troy, OH
Try going to the Smithsonian as they have all the WACO blueprints on file and can make copies for a cost.
11/14/2002 @ 14:31 [ref: 6078]
 Ray Burgess
 , CA
I am a volunteer at the Castle Air Mseum. In talking with the people the other day I am looking for more information on the CG-15AX.
We have the metal frame of the glider because the rest burned up five years and it was given to the musuem.
I have a wild idea of rebuilding the glider. Where can I go to check on blue prints or plans of the 15A or 4A.
Thank you for any help.
05/08/2002 @ 23:11 [ref: 4902]
 Charles L Day
 , MI
cg-13 was not the base model for the cg-15 or cg-15a. cg-13 was much larger than the cg-4A or CG-15.

xcg-15 was a cg-4A WACO production serial with 15 nose and wings.
xcg-15A was 15A design of fuselage, nose, wings, wheel carriage.

11/04/2001 @ 11:11 [ref: 3555]


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