Waco PT-14


  Base model:PT-14
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Primary Trainer

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 Curtiss Aldrich
 Groveland, CA
Ironically due to its 'better handling' as Mike put it, the Waco did not make as good of a primary trainer for US Cadets as the Stearman. The Stearman had a comparitively narrow fuselage that was easier to see around during landing and take off, and the rate of sink was more linear (the slower you go, the more it sinks with power off) than the Waco. The Waco was better suited as a Secondary trainer for cadets who were learning aerobatics, cross country flying and being introduced to night flight. Typically, students of the CPTP (Civilian Pilot Training Program) would solo a Piper Cub, Taylorcraft, or the likes, then graduate into the Waco. Students who successfully flew the Waco had experience with higher rates of sink, shorter fuselage, heavy tail (on the ground), heavy but responsive ailerons(in flight) dive speeds over 200 mph, and lack of much forward visibility during landing or takeoff, all compared to the Stearman. All of these features would eventually come into play for the USAAF Cadet during WWII through his training as he stepped up into larger, heavier and faster equipment.
11/16/2006 @ 01:31 [ref: 14747]
 , CA
the PT-14 Waco Bi plane is very much like the Stearman though much smaller and handles much better to do its small size
08/23/2006 @ 21:40 [ref: 13976]


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