B-52 StratoFortress - Info and Stories

by Phil Rowe

I joined the Strategic Air Command (SAC) in the late 1950's as a B-52 crew member. We checked out in the then-new StratoFortress at Castle AFB, California, and then went to Fairchild AFB, Washington to be part of the 327th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bombardment Wing(H).

The 92nd's last B-36 left and its first B-52 arrived when I did. My experiences in that huge airplane were interesting and often unusual. Here are some story choices for you. Enjoy!

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In-Flight Refueling Problem

Levity On Alert

We Haven't Taken Off Yet...

What In The World Was That?

Versatile Periscopic Sextant

Pity The Poor Cabbie

Baggage Drills

Fire On #2

MITO's and Marshmallows

Gunner in Trouble??

Interphone Overload

Bombing Competition

What Was Airborne Alert Like?

Real Grouch .. Damn Good Pilot

Our Tail Gunner's Frustration

Supply Officer, Sir??

Ice Cubes at 30,000'??

At Least Make Some Noise

Dressed to Kill

Wonderous Skies

Scary Dripping Nukes

It Can't Work, But it Did

Tuk Tuk Ice Reports

Minimal Flight Path Dangers

Hit the Jammers, Phil