Your author flew in the B-58 and TB-58 for about five years in the early 1960's. It was an exciting time and I have fond recollections of being part of the program.

Below you will be presented with a table listing story titles, as true as I can remember the circumstances. I did refer to my logbook to refresh my memory. Others may remember things differently, of course, but after 30-odd years that can happen.

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RBS Communications Hassles

Project Dual Exhaust

You're Coming In Garbled .."

B-58 Escape Capsule

305th Bar None

B-58 Pilot's Mid-Ocean Dilemma

Gunnery School

Tail Gun Mentality

Capsule Water Training

Fouled-Up Fuel System

Pull In The Anchor, Willya!!

Wild Evasive Maneuver

Orgasm On Final

Count The Red Streaks

Heroes of the Flightline

Where to Put the Goodies?

Some Tough Landings

Showing Our Stuff

Flying Sideways??

B-58 Solo Flight

The B-58 Fleet

B-58's On Alert

The Mach Crows

A Matter of Balance

Our First Night Refueling

Flight to Okinawa

Don't Harass The Guards

SAC's First Team Briefing

B-58 Mission Planning

Don't Touch That Switch!!

Something Very Special

Fastest Man??

It Coulda Happened - A Story

The Colonel's Solution

MITO Exercise - A Story

Humpty Dumpty Hustler

Where'd He Go??

Cardboard Cockpit

Popcorn All Around

Surprise Deluge

"#$%_!" Parking Brake

Slipstick Grief

Colonel's In The Cockpit

Busy on Alert

Ooops! - Wingtip Willie

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