Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division

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Address(1)NAS Patuxent River
CityLexington Park

Exhibits - By Primary role
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 Grumman F-14A (Tomcat) Serial No: 162595 


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 , Alabama

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06/19/2012 @ 10:04 [ref: 45815]
 Solomons, Maryland

We should give these guy's a chance, the museum having been recently moved to their new outside base location, the large inside building, their new sign, of which I know somthing about...... as far as moving the P-3, I know they would love to have it in the parking area out back, but is it feasible, to move it there. If you really want to help, make a donation, too many aircraft are being used as targets, help save a few.....
01/19/2005 @ 11:35 [ref: 3730]
 Dick Dubois
 lexington Park, Maryland

Having worked for over 30 years at Pax Riv, disappointed to see that the following aircraft displays have not been accounted for: P-3, east of taviway ALPHA A-5C, outside Strike Aircraft Test Directorate TA-4, in front of USN Test Pilot School AH-1G(?), Army version), located in front of USN Test Pilot School
05/02/2003 @ 13:26 [ref: 2844]
 William S. dudley
 Annapolis, Maryland

This web site most of all needs up-dated information. You need to put up a history of the NAS, Patuxent River, and you should have a history of the museum itself, and short histories of the aircraft that this facility has developed for the Navy, as well as images of the aircraft. Date of this remark: 1/27/01.
01/27/2001 @ 11:26 [ref: 791]
 Bob Frank
 , Arkansas

I thought that this website lacked all basic requirments for my particular needs. I think that some moe music, movement would help you to develop your page
05/19/2000 @ 07:27 [ref: 138]

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