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 George DeMott
 Newhall, California

I just came across your comments about the Heriatge Museum closing because the owner did not get financial help after the crash os his JN-4 aircraft. Just wondering what happened to the aircraft, (Jenny)? My wifes father lived on a 80 acre farm in Glencoe, Minn., and Lindbergh used to land on their farm and give rides, $5 for 15 minutes. This was in a JN-4D, and my wifes dad took a ride with him,as well as many of the people around their farm. We have a broken propeller tip, Copper, that was broken on the farm. My son has been investigating the Lindbergh early years for the last 10 years, and is drawing up a time line on those early years. We are interested in any information on the Curtis Jenny that you may have. Thanks for reading this long explaination of our interest in old time aviation. George DeMott 661-259-3883
10/14/2014 @ 14:25 [ref: 55669]
 John STewardson
 Carbondale, Illinois

Heritage Halls was a great museum, but it has been closed. The owner/operator, Buzz Kaplan did not get needed financial support. in the crash of rebuilt JN-4. John Stewardson
12/29/2002 @ 11:01 [ref: 2747]
 Jim Heriatge
 , Minnesota

Well thanks Tina Marie, but the halls are named in honor of my late father, Prof. Peter Z Heriatge. But thanks for your kind thought. Hey why not drop in and visit sometime?
12/21/2002 @ 08:47 [ref: 2740]
 Tina Marie Dodd
 Eden Prairie, Minnesota

I visited your first page (http://www.aero-web.org/museums/mn/hh.htm) and noticed the word heritage is mispelled. Just though you would like to know, I do the same thing myself sometimes. I really liked your site though. Best wishes, Tina Marie
06/26/2000 @ 23:35 [ref: 216]


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