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 Bill Miller
 Wadsworth, Ohio

Hello, great musuem website. I am interested in talking with anyone that has knowledge of the making and history of the Glanville Bros. Gee Bee Racer. I have a real historical item I would like to share thoughts with about its rarity and historical content. Regards, Bill Miller
09/24/2010 @ 08:43 [ref: 10853]
 , Maryland

01/03/2008 @ 09:22 [ref: 6652]
 morgan hammitt
 canton, Ohio

I really like Maps. It cool seeing the planes getting worked in. The B-26 is looking better then when it came in. You get it go here and this is come for a 11 year old.
12/28/2007 @ 16:59 [ref: 6638]
 , Ohio

As a hard core aviation enthusiast, I was very disappointed with my visit to the MAPS museum. The exhibits are not well displayed and the vast majority of the collection, including the restoration shop are off limits to visitors. Because the museum is set up more like a workshop, visitors must be accompanied by a tour guide. Our guide seemed bothered by the intrusion of customers and ushered us through the hanger at a lightning pace, with no opportunities to really examine the artifacts. Our tour of the workshop was even further curtailed, skipping the entire airship section, and the actual restoration metalshop. We were made to feel as though we were intruding in a private men's club where we clearly did not belong.
10/10/2007 @ 11:05 [ref: 6386]
 Canton, Ohio

As of October 4, 2005, MAPS Air Museum has an F-14B Tomcat in its collection. The Tomcat was one of the rare additions to our collection since it arrived under its own power. It did 6 or 7 passes over the airport and museum to burn up remaining fuel, but it was quite a sight to see the Tomcat on its last moments as an operational aircraft.
12/06/2005 @ 11:41 [ref: 4651]
 Hartford, Connecticut

Excellent museum. Well worth the visit.
09/26/2005 @ 16:18 [ref: 4463]
 , Ohio

They have a lot of cool aircraft there, many are being restored and you can get a good close look at the work being done. MiG-17 Fresco F-4S Phantom II S-2F "Stoof" Tracker T-6 Texan L-17B Navion 0-2 Skymaster L-2 Grasshopper SNB-5 (C-45, Beech 18) Expeditor C-47 "Gooney Bird" Skytrain AH-1 Cobra OH-58 Kiowa GZ-22 Blimp Gondola Mock-up V-77 Reliant Gullwing F-11F Tiger F-100 Super Sabre F-101 Voodoo F-102 Delta Dagger A-7E Corsair II SBD Dauntless B-26 Marauder PT-19 Cornell T-28 Trojan William Martin 1909 Monoplane Also on the way there are a F-14,F-84,F-105
01/06/2005 @ 18:33 [ref: 3680]
 Jacob Chevraux
 , Ohio

Maps now has 3 new jets assembled (F4,F11,A7). They are receiving at least 6 jets from the century series and a F14 tomcat that is flying in. The museum is rapidly expanding and will eventually become a great addition to ohio.
11/22/2004 @ 15:20 [ref: 3588]
 James Granlund
 Brooklyn, Ohio

I must certainly say we are expanding. I should say so because i am a member of the museum. We are planing to get 7 planes within the next month or so. Some of the planes we are getting is the famous F-14. Other planes include the F-100,F-101,F-84,and a few others. I really wish all of you that read this will visit the website which is, and maybe join the museum while you are there. This is the best place to be. And I, only being 14, is a very good thing.
08/30/2004 @ 10:54 [ref: 3376]
 , Ohio

This place has grown, they now have a P-51, S2f Tracker, B-25, Mig-17, and more. Its a must see!
06/18/2003 @ 23:29 [ref: 2875]


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