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Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Convair B-36J (Peacemaker) Serial No: 52-2827 


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 Mark Watson
 Denton, Texas

The other day I was using TerraServer to see what might be at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson Arizona. I see the completed B36 is now there on the grounds at Pima.
12/15/2010 @ 12:28 [ref: 11940]
 Bob R.
 , Texas

Ref. question from Jerry Barron "single engine turboprop"; he may be referring to the Lockheed 450L, which was derived from the Schwiezer 1-26 sailplane? If so, that airframe is now on dispaly at the Vintage Flying Museum at Meacham Field, Ft. Worth, awaiting assembly and restoration.
02/17/2009 @ 09:54 [ref: 8691]
 jerry barron
 , Texas

I am trying to identify an aircraft that was formally located at the sw aerospace musuem of fort worth. It was a small single seat turbo prop with a long wing span; does anybody recall this aircraft?
04/02/2008 @ 02:31 [ref: 7273]
 Tucson, Arizona

This aricraft has been moved to the Pima Aerospace Museum, Tucson Arizona, but is not yet on display.
08/06/2007 @ 13:53 [ref: 6212]
 Dan Vanarsdall
 , Texas

The B-36 is now at Pima Air Museum in AZ, they are in the process of getting it back together for display [static] but like the other man said there is nothing here to see. Good luck to the good folks at Pima.
07/12/2006 @ 12:30 [ref: 5132]
 Michael Bludworth
 Houston, Texas

This open air "Museum" was shut down in 1996, if memory serves. Located at the SW end of Carswell, it had a number of interesting aircraft sitting in a grass field. Among them was the last B-36 built; a B-52D (since scrapped); T-33; F-89; KC-97L; and a host of others. It was great to walk around these almost deserted ghosts! Now, all are gone. The B-36 was restored by a volunteer group in Ft. Worth and is being sent to the Pima Air Museum. The TB-58, which was once part of this exhibit, is at the Lone Star Museum in Galveston. Although this was one of the last of the "let your kids play on them" type of Museum, I do have mixed feelings about it closing. Most of the aircraft are in better places, and the B-36, in particular, has now been saved. Doesn't matter - there is no museum at this location - don't waste your time.
11/29/2005 @ 12:57 [ref: 4627]
 Claude Desjardins
 Brossard (suburgh of Montreal, Quebec

I think I saw a fuselage of a B-36 while I was visiting the Confederate Air Force Museum in Galeston TX in 1995 (?). It was in the retricted part of the hangar. I have a photo stash awy in my slide collecting. When I find it I will scan it to share with you. Comments? Claude
08/05/2004 @ 07:47 [ref: 3331]
 San Antonio, Texas

I saw the restored forward fuselage of the B-36 during an airshow about five years ago. I have photos if anyone is interested. Also of interest is the single A-12 mockup that is still somewhere in the area, more than likely at the Lockeed plant across the field.
05/30/2002 @ 03:13 [ref: 2178]
 , Texas

This B-36 has been relocated to the Lockheed plant adjacent to the Fort Worth JRB (formerly Carswell AFB). I believe the plans are to move it to Alliance when the planned Aviation Heritage Museum ( is completed. The Southwest Aerospace Museum was closed when Carswell AFB was closed (1992?). There is also a bit of background on efforts to save this Peacemaker (B36J-III-10-CF 52-2827A) at:
12/03/2001 @ 19:55 [ref: 1673]
 Tod Lewis
 conroe, Texas

This exhibit was shut down more than 5 years ago. The B-36 is rumored to be at the Alliance Airport undergoing restoration for a future display at an air museum, also rumored to be at the Alliance airport. Don't waste your time going here.
03/20/2001 @ 07:12 [ref: 958]

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