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 Veronica Barry
 Odessa, Texas

I am lets just say forty something. I recently took a tour with our school to the CAF. The program is a must. I didn't learn that much about WWII or general history of planes in MY years of school. The hands on the kids did I know they will take with them for the rest of their lives. The program and the staff will do more than reading facts from a book. I am signed up to do following programs with upcoming classes. I know there are still things I missed. One word...INCREDIBLE
02/22/2009 @ 16:25 [ref: 8695]
 Roger Botting
 Atlanta, Georgia

Nice museum, most of the aircraft are in great condition, staff went out of the way to help, good for taking pictures, nose art exhibit is also a must.
02/14/2007 @ 17:39 [ref: 5619]
 , Texas

I'm truly amazed by the sour grapes of the previous reviewer. This reviewer fails to note that airshows are all subject to weather, mechanical problems, etc. and many of these aircraft are 60+ years old. The web site can certainly keep up with changes that are KNOWN to happen, but when decisions are made on the spot, or weather rolls in, what chance is there? The reviewer also fails to note that the American Airpower Heritage Museum has NOTHING to do with the CAF Airshow held in Midland, Texas except as part of the show attraction. However, none of this has anything to do with the MUSEUM. The American Airpower Heritage Museum is a true museum in the traditional sense. They display aircraft, but own and operate none of them. The museum has a substantial collection of rare and one-of-a-kind artifacts. The interpretive museum is world class. The museum also owns the largest collection of original WWII aircraft nose art (a "Save Americas Treasures" recipient). The museum is also fully accredited (not all museums are). The museum has a huge oral history program and actively collecting artifacts. Do not confuse the American Airpower Heritage Museum with the Commemorative Air Force or the actions and events of any sister or unrelated organizations. The museum is well worth the trip and a very memorable experience. I have been there at least one or more times every year for the past ten years, and not missed a single major event. I can't praise them enough for all they are doing in preserving this history -- the real mission of the museum. The museum is open nearly every day of the year. Call or check the website for hours, seminars, special events and special hours.
03/29/2006 @ 20:14 [ref: 4923]
 Marco Cunningham
 , Texas

Although the museum is interesting the people that run it are the worst pack of lying sh*ts that I've ever seen. If your going to an airsho - BEWARE - Whatever they have scheduled to fly may or may not do so. What they like to do is promise some outstanding flight demos(ie F-14, F-15 etc...) for Saturday and Sunday of the show and then only fly them on Sunday. Everyone that pays on Sat is just SOL. (and they won't refund your money once you find out the air demos aren't being flown and they don't update they're website to let you know either) Have to pay again on Sunday to actually see the demos. They've pulled this sh*t twice the past 3 yrs. Get as much money in the gate on Sat with lies then charge you a gate fee again on Sunday. I will no longer support this museum.
07/10/2005 @ 10:08 [ref: 4225]


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