Bellanca 14-13-2 'Cruisair'

  Base model:14-13-2
  Basic role:Utility Transport

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 Minneapolis, MN
I have just recently purchased a project 1947 14-13-2. It's been tore down for some time. Dry rot in the wings but the airframe & exterior is there including all tail sections. Current registration. All mechanicals stripped except some pulleys and cables. It would be a labor of love to restore to say the least but also could be a good parts plane. Just getting into aviation and wondering if there is any interest and what these are worth restored or if there are any for sale and what price range. ANY information on these planes would be appreciated as I am new to the game. I have to say these planes are very sexy looking and I could not pass up on what I thought was a fair deal on a rare plane so I grabbed it. Thanks in advance!

10/21/2014 @ 13:55 [ref: 68707]
 Capt Larry Rau
 , CA
Selling my 1947 Bellanca Cruisair 14-13-2. Fresh annual, great engine, Excellent mechanical shape, great fabric. Needs wing paint and headliner to be perfect. Listed on Barnstormers.
Google N74360 for 12 narrated videos.

No pen pals please. We all remember the days when...

As Dan Wilkie Said in '05... go to the club for info and parts resources for these planes.

05/07/2014 @ 12:33 [ref: 68470]
 Carragin Bowdle
 , DE
I am in need for ANYTHING that i can use on a Bellanca 14-13-2 Cruise Senior. We are going to get this flying so we need all the FAA approved information we can get.
02/28/2013 @ 06:27 [ref: 67624]
 Mike Robinson
 Tacoma, WA
I have a Bellanca 14 13 2 that I'm going to restore, looking for a set of factory wing plans to buy. If anyone has some please contact me.
05/07/2012 @ 08:25 [ref: 56907]
 Rogers Hunter
 San Antonio, TX
I am returning 1946 Bellanca 14-13 SN 1346 to flight status. I am on a budget so this is not a full-blown restoration but an "inspect and repair as necessary" campaign. If something is broken or deteriorated I fix it. If something is a little beat up but still serviceable, I use it.
The engine is a Franklin 6A4-165-B3 that was apparently removed from a Stinson. The original 6A4-150-B3 engine used a smaller carburetor than the 165 so the present engine was installed using the Stinson airbox and a rather gnarly-looking inlet scoop that was fabricated and installed in the bottom cowling. Nobody seems to know if this is the proper method of installing this engine. I would like to remove the scoop and install some type of air filter. Does anybody have any information about this? If anything I would like to put the intake back where it belongs in the oil cooler inlet. At least that would be a little better than having it open to every dust cloud that comes along. My airport is a dusty place and I want to protect my engine as much as possible. Any information will be appreciated.
Rogers Hunter
01/24/2010 @ 19:24 [ref: 25629]
 Michael Goldschmidt
 Swanzey, NH
I'm not sure this showed my e-mail address: xodix@juno.com
10/06/2007 @ 04:17 [ref: 18117]
 Rick davis
 Everett, WA
I have a 1941 Bellanca 12-F-3 complete project for sale. This is a beautiful little 3-place retract with sticks.
10/01/2007 @ 11:01 [ref: 18069]
 Michael Goldschmidt
 Swanzey, NH
Looking for a 14-13-2 or -3 in prime condition for purchase OR an airplane which was airworthy, but grounded in the past several years for dry rot in the wings. Bottom line: I have some good wings and/or good Franklin engine to add to an airframe with minimal labor, which then I would fly, OR I'd purchase a flying airplane and sell those good airworthy wings and a 150 Franklin with about 220 SMOH.

Also happy to sell a beautiful 14-13-2 airframe, which has been stripped, painted, recovered, and beautifully doped. Some assembly and wiring required.

If you want to buy the 150hp Franklin and/or a good airworthy set of wings, please let me know.
08/25/2007 @ 07:12 [ref: 17747]
 abilene, TX
I am in need of a pitot tube for a 14-13
01/24/2006 @ 12:02 [ref: 12292]
 Mike Grimes
 Lancaster, CA
N74231, BL14-13
Has hydraulic gear, Cleveland wheels & brakes, long tail, baggage compartment and Franklin 6A-350-C1 with McCauley constant speed prop.

Also have two 14-9's as projects
05/04/2005 @ 12:01 [ref: 10111]


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