Burnelli CBY-3 'Loadmaster'

  Base model:CBY
  Basic role:Commercial Transport




Examples of this type may be found at
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut

CBY-3 on display

New England Air Museum


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Thank u so much

08/06/2012 @ 05:13 [ref: 65035]
 cairo, CT
Thank u so much
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07/31/2012 @ 00:07 [ref: 64533]
 , FL
While attending Teterboro School of Aeronautics in 1954 there was a Burnelli CBY-3 parked between the school hangar and Atlantic Aviation's ramp. It did not look to be airworthy at that time but soon disapeared from the landscape. It was rumored that it was put into an airworthy condition and flown on an Artic Expedition. That was the last I heard of it.
09/07/2008 @ 22:24 [ref: 22631]
 Milt Aitken
 , AL
You don't show any background on the Burnelli. I believe that it was derelict in the middle of BWI about 1968. FAA regs were lax enough at that time that I could taxi over, shut down, and walk around it. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me.
05/08/2007 @ 07:02 [ref: 16431]
 James Glassco Henderson
 Barrie, ON
The test/staff pilot of the Canadian Car and Foundry built CBY3 Loadmaster was V.J. "Shorty" Hatton. His story including his adventures with the Loadmaster, is told in 'Shorty An Aviation Pioneer' which is available from Trafford Publishing (see www.trafford.com/robots/04-1705.html ) or EMail sales @trafford.com
09/14/2005 @ 11:15 [ref: 11227]
 Bruce Ricketts
 , ON
That new address is ricketts@mysteriesofcanada.com

Check of mysteriesofcanada.com for more info on Burnelli.

05/16/2005 @ 16:57 [ref: 10232]
 Bruce Ricketts
 Ottawa, ON
I am researching Burnelli and CanCar (which built the CBY-3) If anyone has more information or photos of Burnelli planes/designs, please drop me a line. (NOTE NEW address)

05/16/2005 @ 16:55 [ref: 10231]
 sydney australia, NE
the best place to find out about burnelli's aeroplanes is www.aircrash.org
03/02/2005 @ 23:57 [ref: 9596]
 Bruce Ricketts
 Ottawa, ON
I am researching Burnelli and CanCar (which built the CBY-3) If anyone has more inforamtion or photos of Burnelli planes/designs, please drop me a line.

11/16/2004 @ 16:34 [ref: 8640]
 Tuomo Aho
 , NY
More info on Burnelli at: http://www.burnelli.com/
04/11/2004 @ 07:14 [ref: 7202]


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