Consolidated PB4Y-1 'Liberator'


Control Panel
  Base model:PB4Y
  Equivalent to: B-24D B24DB-24D
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1962
  Basic role:Patrol Bomber
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  Length: 67' 3" 20.5 m
  Height:17' 11" 5.4 m
  Wingspan: 110' 33.5 m
  Wingarea: 1,048.0 sq ft 97.3 sq m
  Empty Weight: 36,950 lb 16,757 kg
  Gross Weight: 60,000 lb 27,210 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-65
  Horsepower (each): 1200

  Range: 2,960 miles 4,766 km
  Cruise Speed: 148 mph 238 km/h 128 kt
  Max Speed: 279 mph 449 km/h 242 kt
  Ceiling: 31,800 ft 9,692 m

Known serial numbers
31936 / 32085, 32087 / 32094, 32097 / 32335, 38733 / 38979, 46725 / 46737, 63915 / 63959 , 63960 / 63991 , 65287 / 65396 , 90132 / 90271 , 90462 / 90483


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 William R. Dalton
 Gulf Breeze, FL
My Dad , Forrest Adolph Dalton Jr. , flew the PB4Y during WW2. He was stationed somewhere in England in 1944-45. He was 19 at the time. I don't think he ever encountered a sub though he spent many long hours searching. I have his flight log. He and his crew took a very long sight-seeing flight around the European War Theater immediately after the end of the war. I think he was a Lt.Jg by that time.

He later flew B26 in Korea when he converted over the the Air Force. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross with 3 oakleaf clusters for a night mission , making several low passes on a N. Korean train heavily protected.

After the Korean War we were stationed at Eglin AFB. In April of 1957 Capt. Dalton was flying an RB57A to Clovis NM and on to Salt Lake , flight originating at Eglin. His aircraft lost an engine during a severe storm and he crashed 13 miles N. of Vancleave , Mississippi about 25 miles from Kiesler AFB. We buried him in Troy , Alabama.
08/25/2011 @ 02:08 [ref: 48189]
 John Carey
 Stalybridge, AZ
Today I found what is left of the remains of PB4Y-1 BU63934
from what I can find delivered as 42-40846.Only the under-carridge, a type reduction gear and a few small fragments are above ground.

The reason I am leaving this comment is to find if anyone
would be able to tell me where this aircraft was built
and any history on its short life. added Arizona as state to be able to send county Cheshire

John Carey

02/28/2008 @ 13:36 [ref: 19803]
 John Voss
 , CA
Although the USN never thought to preserve a PB4Y-1 Liberator one has survived and is on display...sort of. PB4Y-1Z BuNo 90155 was purchased surplus after WWII by a Bolivian firm. The aircraft ws found derelict in South America, shipped back to the USA is now on display at Castle Air Museum (CA). It was fitted with an Emerson nose turret and painted in a WWII USAAF paint scheme. Current photos of the aircraft can be found in other sections of this data base for the B-24M.
03/24/2006 @ 21:25 [ref: 12910]


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