Consolidated PT-1 'Trusty'


Control Panel
  Base model:PT-1
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Primary Trainer
  Crew:Instructor & Pilot

  Length: 27' 8" 8.4 m
  Height:9' 6' 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 34' 9" 10.5 m
  Gross Weight: 2,550 lb 1,156 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright "E"
  Horsepower (each): 180

  Range: 310 miles 499 km
  Cruise Speed: 78 mph 125 km/h 67 kt
  Max Speed: 99 mph 159 km/h 85 kt
  Ceiling: 13,450 ft 4,099 m

Known serial numbers
25-245 / 25-294, 26-226 / 26-275, 26-301 / 26-350, 27-108 / 27-177

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio


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 steve dill
 phoenix, AZ
I just recently came across some old negatives. I have at least two of an US ARMY Airplane. The tail has MAD on the rudder and on the plane itself it has the following. US ARMY CONS D-PT-1 A C 27-154

Can anybody give us some history on this airplane?

Thank you
03/27/2008 @ 11:43 [ref: 20252]
 Charles B. DeCuir aka Charles B. Ca
 Pascagoula,, MS
This was my Father M/SGT Charles B. Causey. I am still looking for anyone that may have knew him or there family. I am looking for any information. My New e mail address is ben_bertie@bellsouth.net Thanks Charles
08/09/2006 @ 20:42 [ref: 13838]
 Charles B. Causey jr. aka DeCuir
 Pascagoula, Ms., MS
The Photo was taken sometime in the 1920's or 30's. My Father M/SGT Charles B. Causey, was later Station at Nichols Field, Philippines, was prisoner of the Japanese, some time in Apr 42, Was on Bataan Death March. I have a Photo of My Father on the Death March taken in May 1942 at Camp O'Donnell. Later he was boarded on the Arisan Maru along with 1799 other American Prisoners to be transported to Japan, The Ship went down in the South China Sea 24 Oct 1944,at that time he lost his life along with 1790 other Prisoners. His name was listed on the manifest. On the back of the photo is my Fathers names and also the number 441-142 that might be the Serial Number of the aircraft.
01/22/2005 @ 21:33 [ref: 9220]


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