Convair C-131A 'Samaritan'

  Base model:C-131
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
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Examples of this type may be found at
Minnesota Air Guard MuseumMinneapolisMinnesota


Recent comments by our visitors
 David Graf
 Port St. Lucie, FL
I was stationed at R/M 1959-1962, (7167 Air Transportation Sqdn (M) Special Missions). We flew Spx Msns (C-54 Acft) and Air Evacs with the C-54's and Convair C-131A Samaritans. I was a radio operator with SAMS (our Sqdn) for almost 3 years. Our Convairs were 25787. 25788, 25790 and 25805. I was "shocked" and overjoyed to find this site! We flew all over Europe, into Asia (kinda) (Turkey-- (X the Bospheras) and into N Africa in the 131's. I remember these birds had Collins equipment. I can't recall the nominclatures--but I'm pretty certain they were ARC-8 HF, ARC-??? VHF, and ARC-49? UHF radios. I retired in 1994 4 yrs active USAF, 8 yrs active US Army then 12 yrs in the USAFR. I was thrilled with the photos and info about our aircraft. This made my day! (Year, actually!) Thank you! David Graf
05/25/2015 @ 10:55 [ref: 69102]
 Jules Savony
 Longview, TX
I was a crewchief and mech. on c-131a at Rhein Main AB from 1970 to 1973.It 322 th med fac sq.The aircraft where 52-5787,5788,5790,57805,and 57806.If you also worked on these planes please e-mail me.
05/04/2012 @ 10:21 [ref: 56742]
 Warren Schmidt
 Lambertville, NJ
Just wrote a note under C131D. I should have explored this site fully before doing so. At 12th AMTS, McGuire AFB, NJ we had C-131A, not D models. In later years, 52-5792 was assigned to the Coast Guard and crashed in Corpus Christi.
And 52-5806, under civilian ownership, crashed in Puerto Rico in 1997. See note in C-131D section.
11/30/2009 @ 17:28 [ref: 25361]
 ernest eaton \"jim\"
 , ME
From tech school Sheppard AFB, Tex directly to 13th AMTS Travis AFB, Cal 1958 to 1962 A&E Mech. What a great aircraft. Got great pics in a photo-op flight over San Francisco then up to Mt.Shasta. Same plane shown on C-131E page. Can be reached eastklondikejim@gmail.com
04/16/2009 @ 18:31 [ref: 24101]
 Marty Waldman
 Ocala, FL
Hello Joe
I came to the 15th,right out of aircraft maintanence tech school.I remember both them both.I left in 1960, to go to Travis AFB.
03/30/2008 @ 09:34 [ref: 20297]
 Joe McCarthy
 Birmingham, AL
Marty, I too was in the 15th AMTS at Brookley from 1958 to 1960. I was an A&E mechanic on tail number 52800. The 5 Aircraft we had were 52782, 52798, 52800, 52802 and 52804. Were you a mechanic or Med Tech? Do you remember Tech Sgt. Bunton and Master Sgt. Maddocs?
03/22/2008 @ 13:56 [ref: 20228]
 Atlanta, GA
No, 'cuz this is a photo of a model. Thanks anyway.
10/20/2007 @ 14:36 [ref: 18253]
 Marty Waldman
 , FL
I was stationed at Brookley a.f.b in 15th AMTS.We had 5 c-131a aircraft.I was there from 1957-1960.
04/03/2005 @ 18:13 [ref: 9881]
 David Spencer
 Long Beach, CA
Does anybody know where I can get a picture of the aerovac C-131A with the red cross on the tail from the 375th Aeromedical Airlift Squadon at Scott AFB, IL Circa 1965 to 1978?
05/31/2002 @ 01:38 [ref: 5031]


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