Convair ET-29D

  Base model:T-29
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

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07/14/2011 @ 19:03 [ref: 41140]

 Ron Barrett, USAF Ret
 Holden, MO
To the Old Crows, we need your help. The Air Force Navigators Observers Association (www.afnoa.org) is in need of EW trained Nav histories. Can you help us? Post your info on the web site, or get ahold of the AFNOA Historian (me) via e-mail at ronaldpbarrett@yahoo.com, or call me at (305) 797-0745, or go to my web sites www.ronbarrett.com or www.aviationcadets.com

Join AFNOA and write your history in the quarterly news letter: DR-Ahead.

We have very little in the USAF Museum about Navs of any type and we are working to correct this oversite by the USAF. Thanks for the help, Ron Barrett, JCAFB 63-06 and Mather 63-23 Radar NavBomb, USAF Ret.

09/06/2007 @ 09:29 [ref: 17850]
 David McDonald
 Longmont, CO
I went through EW Officer Training at Mather AFB in 1973 - 74. I flew in two distinct versions of the ET-29D. The first had surveillance equipment only - the APR-9 and the APR-14. The unit had DF antennas and was used to learn the skill of locating an emitter based on type and expected characteristics and then cross plot to be certain it was the correct one. The antennas were similar to the ones seen on photos of the NT-29B except (as my fading memory recalls) underneath rather than above the airframe. The second type was a a jamming training platform. The unit again had the APR-9 but it also had a suitable set of ALT-6 jammers on board. One or both of these types also had an APS-54 radar warning receiver aboard. These aircraft also had the bomb-nav system from a B-47 aboard although simulator training had supplanted this long before so the Bomb-Nav students did not fly the ET-29D.

The 453 Flying Training Squadron operated a detachment at Point Cabrillo on the coast well north of San Francisco where we trained. The SEWT (Simulator for EW Training) came on line a few classes afterward so class 73-22 was one of the last to fly the ET-29D.

Old Crows forever.
08/29/2006 @ 09:06 [ref: 14021]
 Don Banks
 Palm Bay, FL
The ET-29D was an electronic warfare training aircraft used in the late sixties at Mather AFB, CA. Missions were flown mainly up and down the California coast near San Francisco where the students would have ample opportunity to log direction finding (D/F) cuts on various ground-based radars. This was the passive phase of the training.

The active phase consisted of jamming runs against various approved tracking radars. However, most of the time was spent in the classroom learning about foreign radars and their capabilities.

Donald E. Banks, Major, USAF (Ret)
"An Old Crow"
11/14/2005 @ 18:06 [ref: 11698]