Convair NB-36H 'Peacemaker'

  Base model:B-36
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Status:Special Test (Permanent)
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 Bruce Salisbury
 , NM
I have two questions about this program, since I am 48, I obviously did not participate in it.
1.) Does anybody have photos of it being on the Ramp at Walker AFB in Roswell, NM. There are several vets with the Bomber wing down there who insist it was there for a while.
2.) Where did they entomb the reactor?

06/06/2005 @ 20:01 [ref: 10417]
 Kees Verheul
 Alphen aan den Rijn, OTH
If you are looking for a full review about the ANP (Aircraft Nuclear Propultion) program, a good site is: www.megazone.com/anp
10/02/2001 @ 09:52 [ref: 3302]
 Robert Coniglio
 Groton, CT
The plane in question was the initial test vehicle in the study to produce the WS-125A (Weapon System 125 Atomic) which was to be a nuclear powered aircraft. This test aircraft carried a live reactor which did in no way power the plane, although there were orders contemplated for a nuclear powered aircraft. The test mainly centered on determining the effect of radiation on instruments, crew, and airframe.

So sensitive were these test flights that each was accompanied by an aircraft contingent of Marines who would protect the site of any crash.

All ,in all, it was an interesting aircraft at that.

Bob C.
08/02/2001 @ 23:01 [ref: 2821]
 Pavel Jilinski
 Sankt-Petersburg, AL
If ya want more info on this plane NB-36H (X-6), NEPA,(NUCLEAR ENERGY for the PROPULSION of AIRCRAFT),Manhattan District Project, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)/USAF ANP program etc... write me at vvs@a-vip.com or visit my upcoming site
04/01/2001 @ 15:06 [ref: 1956]
 , CA
This is a good web page for info on this plane.

01/03/2001 @ 18:00 [ref: 1312]


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