Convair RB-36D 'Peacemaker'

  Base model:B-36
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance
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Known serial numbers
49-2686, 49-2687 / 49-2693, 49-2694 / 49-2697, 49-2698 / 49-2702


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 V. Clark
 Honolulu, HI
My Grandfather did drafting work for the Convair company in the early 50s. His name was Terrence Clark. I found a photo of him in an aircraft magazine doing sketches of an RB-36 on the Ft Worth plant floor. My dad has those sketches and I remember seeing them as a child. You can imagine my surprise at seeing him in an aircraft magazine in 1996! I ran into the photo again at the US Air Force aviation museum website just recently. They provided me with a digital copy. How cool for our family archives! (I'm having it printed and framed for my dad) If anyone out there worked with him at the Convair plant or knew him I would love to hear from you via this website. I will upload it to the site.(Thanks USAF Museum!) I am an NCO in the US Air Force and love the stories of the people who contributed to our great country in the past. Thanks for serving!

God Bless!


02/11/2005 @ 03:35 [ref: 9417]
 Wes Fisher
 houston, tx, TX
Having read some notes on the net from other crew members and interested parties concerning the B36 carrying abilities. I thought a short story might help understand the distance we could fly with a production weapon.
We loaded a weapon at Fairchild AFB. I wasn't made aware of the model but it filled the forward bomb bay completely. We flew from Spokane to the north west corner of the state and made a 360 to set a course a few miles south of the Canadian border. Flying at 20k feet, we continued on to New York and there turned south. Over Georgia, we made a right and flew to Dallas, tx. Southwest from Dallas to make a radar scored bomb run on San Antonio from 35k ft. Going back to 20k ft we then flew to Denver, then southwest to Edwards range, due west to Castle afb, Ca. North to Spokane where we found Fairchild socked in. Our aux was Moses Lake, Wash. There we pulled guard duty on our load till morning and made it back home. Total time: 24.5 hrs flight time to Moses Lake. One more hour home.
No problems on this flight except for cabin fever.
I garnered about 1325 flight hours in the three years I was in the RB36 program. Opted out when they went liteweight. 50k plus feet wasn't for me. My position was normally upper forward left gunner. I releived at scanner positions except when at altitude.

One other little thing. All of the Bs & RBs at Fairchild took part in "Operation Big Stick" when the North Koreans refused to sign a treaty. We loaded everything we would need to operate our planes from Japan. Spare parts, ammo, food, ect, then flew to Alaska. The plan was to saturate bomb the north all the way to the river. I don't know wheather that move convinced them to sign, but they did sign the second day we were in Alaska. We already had the bomb runs plotted.

I spent the rest of a years extention on RC 121s. What a change! Bare bones to completely delux.

Six a turning and four a burning, lets go!!
09/13/2002 @ 00:07 [ref: 5684]


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