Convair YB-60

  Base model:B-60
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
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Known serial numbers
49-2676, 49-2684


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07/14/2011 @ 19:10 [ref: 41155]

 Pensicola, FL
Courtesy USAF Museum
"The YB-36G was designed as an all-jet version of the B-36. Eight Pratt & Whitney
XJ57-P-3 turbojet engines were mounted in four nacelles in an arrangement very similar
to the Boeing B-52. The USAF authorized Convair to modify two B-36Fs (S/N 49-2676
& 49-2684) in early 1951. Although the -G was similar to the basic B-36,
there was substantial reengineering done including a completely new 37
swept wing. The design was eventually redesignated YB-60 to reflect these
differences. The first flight was 18 April 1952 and performance was better
than the B-36, but was greatly inferior to the Boeing XB-52. The YB-60 never
entered production. The second prototype aircraft was never completely finished and both YB-60s
were scrapped in the mid-1950s."
01/19/2001 @ 13:39 [ref: 1413]


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