De Havilland Canada D.H.C.2 'Beaver I'

  Manufacturer:De Havilland Canada
  Base model:D.H.C. 2
  Nickname:Beaver I
  Basic role:Utility Transport (Canada)

  Length: 30' 4" 9.2 m
  Height:9' 2.7 m
  Wingspan: 48' 0" 14.6 m
  Wingarea: 250.0 sq ft 23.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 2,810 lb 1,274 kg
  Gross Weight: 4,820 lb 2,185 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-14B Wasp Jr.
  Horsepower (each): 450

  Cruise Speed: 130 mph 209 km/h 112 kt
  Max Speed: 160 mph 258 km/h 139 kt
  Climb: 1,020 ft/min 311 m/min
  Ceiling: 18,000 ft 5,486 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario

D.H.C.2 on display

National Aviation Museum


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 Doug Bretschneider
 Grant,, MI
To Ed Young and anyone on this site interested in an airplane with a tail # of 26082. I was recently placing some items on E bay when I found some old film cans with black and white negatives in them - still rolled up. One of them contains several photo's of a single engine plane with the tail number 26082. Out of curiosity I "Googled" the airplane number and was directed to this web site, and Ed Young's note about it. I will keep them from E bay if anyone here is interested feel free to contact me. This is the ad I was placing on E bay

Vintage Kodak Film cans with negatives of planes and trains, Hudson Bay Company

These film containers were used as a display and it is time to move them on. I was surprised to find some negatives in the cans. They appear quote old as there is a man standing next to an old single prop air plane, tail number 26082. There is a picture of The Hudson Bay Company and one of “CO 913 in Pagwa, Ontario Canada.

Feel free to contact me bond77@riverview.net


08/07/2008 @ 03:38 [ref: 22368]
 Ed Young
 Shelby Woods Drive, MI
My first exposure to the Beaver was at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan. It had the U S Air Force designation of L-20.I was the crew chief and mechanic for about four months. In April 1954 I was assigned to a USAF radar site in the Pine Tree early warning line at Armstrong, Ontario. We flew one of the L-20's to the site. I was the only crew chief and mechanic at the site and maintained the aircraft until April 1955, when I was transferred back to the States.

We had asked the Air Defense Command for floats but was denied, the General thought we would go fishing on Lake Nippagon and snag a float and sink the Beaver. He did however, authorize skiis.

The heater left a lot to be desired, especially when the temperature was 30F degress below zero. A wool blanket (2 each) helped but not much. We couldn't get a ground heater to warm up the engine. I hate to say it, but, I used a ten foot length of stove pipe and a blow torch to heat the oil tank.

All in all it was agreat aircraft to work on. The aircraft tail number was 26082. I often wonder what happened to the plane. I would like to get a photo of the U S version of the Beaver.

02/28/2008 @ 08:21 [ref: 19800]
Hi there, great site...I just posted a pic of a Turbo Beaver, C-FOER on your website. This Aircraft is owned by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and based her in DRYDEN, On. along with C-FOPA another one of our fleet of five. These A/C are operated on Amphibs / summer & DeHaviland wheel ski's in the winter. These machines are used in a variety of rolls ie: aerial photog, fire support, wildlife tracking, Conservation Officer travel, & occasionally work with the U.S. Forest Service on fires along the Canada / U.S. border. Have been flying Beavers, Piston & Turbo for about the last 27 Yrs. & have about 12.000 Hrs (about 10,000 Hrs. Floats) on both Piston & Turbo,
models, & still love the Ol'Birds..P.S. Even the license plate on my vehicle is "DHC-2"....Regards....
12/17/2007 @ 18:58 [ref: 18948]
 Dan Millar
 Seattle, WA
I am a retiring airline pilot with about 60 hours on floats, but no Beaver time. Could someone suggest the best place to receive a full, thorough check out in the Beaver floatplane, including about 5 hours in the aircraft, and about what this would cost? Many thanks. Dan Millar in Seattle. Please use email address: millars@comcast.net
06/09/2007 @ 12:51 [ref: 16788]
 , OTH
I did about 5000 hours on this type, the most enjoyable single I ever flew, they just dont make em like this today. Great ag plane as well.
06/02/2006 @ 17:46 [ref: 13438]
 , ON
Check out www.dhc-2.com the most awesome beaver site on the net.

11/26/2004 @ 16:35 [ref: 8720]
 , QC
If you search a very scale R/C Beaver, go to this website: www.mraerodesign.com
09/08/2004 @ 13:27 [ref: 8234]
 chris fazi
 columbia, MD
I used to fly and sky dive from De Haviland Beavers (DHC-2) while stationed at Camp Humphreys, Pyong Tek, Korea a few decades ago. I still remember the fear of exiting the aircraft at 80-100 MHP, having one foot on the step, hands on the strut, looking for the target and the feeling of letting go.....
The pilots tried to convince as many of us to learn to fly instead of jumping; but going back to school, getting a PhD, a family/raising kids put a crimp on that new skill. Well now that the kids are old enough and I don't have to worry about loans, I am finally taking flying lessons and realizing what I have been missing all these years. I wish the DOD flying club here had some old Beavers left. Instead we are flying C152s and T41s that came from the AF Academy, but at least they are cheap to rent.
However there's nothing like those old Beavers I remember back in the Army days. I envy those that can fly them.
chris fazi
electrical engineer
army research lab
adelphi, md.
04/10/2002 @ 15:22 [ref: 4694]
 bob buckley
 , NC
I was a crew chief on a beaver ( L20A) IN THE U.S. ARMY from 1960 to 1961. Was stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco, We had two beavers, we flew out of Crissy field right across the bay from Alcatraz.The beaver was, and is, a fine aircraft, it can takeoff and land, almost anwhere.I miss those beautiful days flying with out a care, and looking down at the sharks in San Francisco bay.
Oh, to be young again,
Thanks for listening, B.B.
08/09/2001 @ 07:51 [ref: 2877]
 Uwe Hillmann
 , OTH

I´m building a radio controld Beaver with 2,44 wingspan
You can buy a plan here


You can choose between floats and wheels

Or look here http://www.fiberclassics.de/beaver_kd.html
05/11/2001 @ 17:14 [ref: 2261]


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