Erco XPQ-13

  Base model:PQ-13
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1947
  Basic role:Aerial Target, Manned

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
41-25196, 41-39099


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 Brad Townsend
 , MA
I have two wooden props that are reportedly from Jimmy Doolittle's BG Racer. Can you help me? If so, please read on. There are a lot of numbers on the metal base and a decal on the prop itself. The decal is a picture of a prop with the words "Engineering & Research Corporation" ERCO Riverdale, Maryland. The word "Compreg" also appears on the decal. What do I have? What are they worth? How old are they? Did they come off of Jimmy Doolittle's BG Racer? My dad gave them to me and he got them from someone else. They were displayed at a local NCO club, but when it closed my dad got them back. He then gave them to me to put on display at my house. I've had them for about 3 years now and I get nothing but compliments over them. Of course all my friends want them and my brother in law even wants to trade me for his 67 Pontiac lemans. Everyone asks me the same questions "Where did you get them?" "What are they from?" "Who did they belong to?". I'm left giving one word answers. I know I should have them appraised, but where do I start. I was also told to register them, what ever that means. I went to the web and typed "ERCO" and that is how I found you. I hope that you can help and lead me in the right direction. Please respond regardless. Thanks for your time. Brad

06/06/2001 @ 12:42 [ref: 2421]
 James W Lollar
 Ada, OK
Are there any photos available of an XPQ-13. I believe it had a natural Alum. fuselage and yellow and red wings. Is this correct? I am build and R/C model of the an Ercoupe and would like to finish it as an XPQ-13. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


jw lollar
04/14/2001 @ 18:59 [ref: 2075]
 Terrell, TX
The only flyable military Ercoupe remaining is located at Terrell Aviation, Terrell Municipal Airport Terrell, Texas
N37143 US Army S/N 41-25196
01/03/2001 @ 20:23 [ref: 1313]


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