Naval Aircraft Factory PBN-1 'Nomad'

  Manufacturer:Naval Aircraft Factory
  Base model:PBN
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1935-1962
  Basic role:Patrol Bomber

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
02791 / 02801, 02802, 02803 / 02946, 35798 / 35921


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 John D. Voss
 , CA
The PBN-1 Nomad was a derivative of the Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina. It was characterized by having a different hull design, a longer fuselage, a retractable nose turret, a bulbuous nose turret, bombadiers window, different wing tip floats and a pointed nose. The production run on the aircraft totaled 156 aircraft of which 18 went to the USN and the balance (138) went to the Russian Navy. The USN never the PBN operationally as most were assigned to training units around the US including FAW-7 at NAS Whidbey Island and NAF Newport, RI. The Russian crews collected their PBN's at CGAS Elizabeth City (NC) for the flight back to Russia. They utilized three routes for the return flight: Kodiak AK, Iceland and Brazil. The Russians were still flying their PBN's as late as 1960 in civil markings. Some had been refitted with Russian made ASh-82 engines with four bladed props. These aircraft were reidentified as the KM-2 "Katalina". The only development of the PBN design that was carried thru on other Catalina aircraft was the tall tail feature of the Consolidated PBY-6A and the Boeing-built PB2B-2 Catalinas. It would be interesting to know if any PBN's still remain in Russia.
03/25/2006 @ 11:35 [ref: 12914]