North American P-64 'NA 50'

  Manufacturer:North American

  Base model:P-64
  Nickname:NA 50
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
41-19082 / 41-19087


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 A Lias
 , CA
Just posted a couple of pictures of the Royal Thai Air Force P-64 replica on this site. None of the P-64s ever made it to Thailand due to the break out of WWII. The color scheme is what it would have looked like if the WWII or the occupation of SE Asia by the Japanese didn't happen. The RTAF P-64 belongs to the TANGO Sqd, an aircraft preservation group in Thailand.
05/26/2008 @ 23:40 [ref: 21011]
 corpus christi, TX
Hey guys, Just happened to come across this website and saw where you wondering about the plane at lone star airshow. That is a P-64 replica mostly done by nelson ezels group. That is my Dads plane. We have that and a Jap kate torpedo bomber. It is built from an AT-6. thats mostly what it was to begin with when they made right before the war broke out. It was already behind the curve of the fighters tho when it came out. They were on their way to Thailand when Pearl was attacked and they actually took them their for a while and flew some patrols with them. They were used alot by the instructors as a plane to blow off some steam and have fun with. the original had i think a 950 horse and was alot of fun to fly. ours has an 1820 which is about 1450 horses. Its a blast! you cant beat the ride for the money i tell ya. Your right, it doesnt have the cowling look the originals had. ive actually thought it resembles a P-37 as much or more. anyway, just thought id say hi. cool pictures by the way. take care, Jason
02/23/2008 @ 18:35 [ref: 19754]
 Dick Dembroski
 , GA
Resin kit 1/72 scale can be found at
10/06/2007 @ 18:28 [ref: 18127]
 Steve Hickey
 New Milford, CT
Does any one know of a 1/72 scale model kit for this aircraft? Or where one might be available?
02/24/2007 @ 09:16 [ref: 15653]
 Tom Haymes
 , TX
Sorry, the my picture of it is below. The green aircraft with early WWII USAAF markings and the yellow prop tips.


Tom Haymes
05/24/2006 @ 10:35 [ref: 13371]
 Tom Haymes
 Houston, TX
I saw this aircraft at the Lone Star Flight Museum airshow on April 30, 2006. They tell me it is a P-64 and it looks about right. Anyone know where this plane is from? It doesn't look like the one in Wisconsin (doesn't have the modified cowling) and this one was apparently in flyable condition. I had to leave before any of the crew was around.


Tom Haymes
05/24/2006 @ 10:32 [ref: 13370]
 rob milford
 Agua Verde, TX

Here at Oshkosh, 2003, and there is a plane billing itself as an NA-50, owned by Steve Hay from Syracuse, Indiana. Is this a recent mod-job, or another one turned out from Phoenix? any ideas?
08/01/2003 @ 19:31 [ref: 6610]
 Mike Letalien
 Lubbock, TX
I have a couple of pictures of an NA-50 from an airshow in 1993. I'm not sure which of the two flying airframes it is, but I have a flightline and flying picture of it. See 'Gallery of Flight' at Photo4Phood.com
06/20/2003 @ 14:27 [ref: 6521]
 Oscar Gagliardi, Jr
 Germantown, MD
Only 7 NA-50 were ever produced and they were sold to Perú. The P-68 was a variant of the NA-50. The 7 North American NA-50 were delivered to Perú in 1939. In 1941 four of them participated in the war against the Republic of Ecuador. One of these planes was used by Captain José Quiñones to destroy a group of anti-aircraft guns by crashing his plane against the enemy installations.

One original NA-50 stills survives in Perú and it stands next to the Mausoleum of Captain José Quiñones.

Serial Numbers: 50-948 to 50-954
The registry numbers assigned by the Cuerpo Aeronáutico of Perú: XXI-41-1 to XXI-41-7

They were in operation in Perú until 1950.

More information (in spanish): http://www.incaland.com/torito/
09/09/2002 @ 14:30 [ref: 5657]
 Matt Gunsch
 Phoenix, AZ
There is 1 original P-64 left,it is in the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wi. There is 1 replica built by Carl Schmieder and team in Phoenix, Az. The aircraft is now owned by the Goverment of Thialand and is part of a museum.
12/31/2000 @ 17:27 [ref: 1280]


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