North American T2J-1 (T-2A) 'Buckeye'

  Manufacturer:North American

  Base model:T2J
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1948-1962
  Basic role:Trainer
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 Houston, TX
I flew the T-2a in Meridian in 1968. It was a great plane, always ready to fly, few maintenance problems. I learned to fly formation there, it was forgiving, I almost didn't get past that part of Naval Aviation.

Later in Pensacola I flew the T-2B with two engines, what a blast! Finally power. Did gunnery and carrier qualification. A perfect airplane.
01/25/2003 @ 16:43 [ref: 6284]
 van schaffer
 , MS
The T2J was redesignated the T-2A when the Navy changed a/c designators.

This aircraft flew beyond the 1962 time period you have it classed in. I was an ADJ in VT-7 in Meridian from 1966-69.
With the build up in viet nam, there were close to 150 aircraft at meridian in Traron Seven and Nine (Training Squadron).
The photos submitted at bottom of page are T-2c which have two engines. The T-2A was a single engine (J-34-WE48)where as, the T-2C had i believe two J-85 engines.
There was an interim T-2B with two J-60 engines, but they were updated with the T-2C configuration. Each squadron in Meridaian had 3-4 T-2B's for an interim evaluation period.

06/08/2002 @ 13:54 [ref: 5076]


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