Piper L-18C 'Grasshopper'

  Base model:L-18
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

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Known serial numbers
50-1745 / 50-1812, 51-15272 / 51-25653, 52-2376 / 52-2539, 53-4665 / 53-4848, 54-719 / 54-758

Examples of this type may be found at
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama


Recent comments by our visitors
 , AL
In response to Steve's question: 4237A was civilian designated as a PA-19 (military L-18C). It differed from the PA-18 (military L-21) in several ways: no flaps, single 18 gallon wing tank, 85 hp engine. There is a KAK web page at http://www.longgreylinefarm.com/knox_aero_klub.htm
06/04/2015 @ 06:27 [ref: 69112]
 Stephen Silberman
 Ann, NJ
Saw the note about 37A and I have a question and a puzzle. I also took flight instruction in N4237A in 1963 at Fort Knox. In my log book it is shown as a PA-19 with 90H.P. Can anyone explain??
06/25/2014 @ 07:40 [ref: 68528]
 Domingo Benvenuti (Ben)
 , FL
I had the privilage of flying 37A 1965-1967 as part of Knox Areo Club. I was checked out by Bob Wood (instr) and enjoyed many nice hours of door open time.
01/06/2011 @ 05:51 [ref: 35368]
 Attalla, AL
The Redstone L-18c is SN 18-2113.
03/11/2009 @ 17:23 [ref: 23922]
 , AL
The Redstone Arsenal Flying Club got an L-18C when the Aberdeen Proving Ground club closed in the late 1980s. It had experienced a prop strike, so was trucked to Alabama. After many false starts to get it back in the air, it was disposed of (sold?) in the early 2000s. I believe that the serial number was 2013.
03/06/2009 @ 11:04 [ref: 23878]
 , AL
The Army Flying Club at Fort Knox (Knox Aero Klub)obtained an L18C "New in box" from Letterkenny Arsenal when the club was formed about 1957. The craft was licensed as N4237A. I think that the serial number was 212. The C85 engine did not have a generator, so a wind-driven generator was installed on a strut, so that the Cub coulod communicate with Fort Knox Tower. Later, a C85 with starter and generator was installed. The airplane was a blast to fly because it nearly levitatied off the runway and on climbout you could look over your shoulder and see the runway receding behind you. Some of the members actually flew it backwards across Godman Field if the winds were strong enough.
04/05/2008 @ 06:09 [ref: 20342]
 paul s grice
 waynesville, OH
i own piper l 18 c n917 bs have owned several a/c but this is with out doubt the most enjoyable of all. paul s grice box 318 waynesville ohio.
12/26/2000 @ 14:54 [ref: 1246]