Piper L-4 'Grasshopper'


  Base model:L-4
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison
  See Also:O-59

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Examples of this type may be found at
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Minnesota Air Guard MuseumMinneapolisMinnesota


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 J. Mason
 Mt. Pleasant, TX
While researching info on my 1942 L-4A, I came across J. B. Riley's post looking for the owner of his old Cub. Since the army number is known, go to Joe Baugher's excellent site of Air Corp/Air Force serial numbers. His site is: http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html There you will find that Serial number 43-1385 lines up to Piper serial no. 10246. A data base search at Landings.com shows that the Cub is N50698 and is now regestered in Ft. Worth, Texas. I don't feel that I should post the current owner's name here, but it is listed on the FAA data base at Landings.com and it should be easy to make contact.
03/18/2012 @ 12:00 [ref: 54331]
 J.B. Riley
 Burkburnett, TX
I rebuilt a 43 Piper L-4 back to all original in the 1970's and sold it early 80's to someone, I have lost their name. I recently found the US Army metal I.D. plate out of it in some of my paperwork. If someone thinks they might have this plane, I will be glad to get the tag to you. It says US Army Air Corps - Type L-4B, Serial number 43-1385, Order No. AF-30126, Date Accepted - 3-13-43 I think when I sold it the fellow was from Oklahoma, but I have no record of the sale. E-mail or phone me with questions.

Phone 940-636-2364
12/10/2011 @ 15:46 [ref: 51076]
 Leo Abair (Hebert)
 , VT
My Dad was a pilot in ww2 and flew the L4
search youtube : abair L4 to see some great footage from the pacific.
11/21/2009 @ 12:27 [ref: 25323]
 Greg M
 , WI
My neighbor is a ww2 vet who flew a Piper L4 as a
air liaison for the 3rd army for Gen. Patton. He had
Patton up in his plane on many occasions.
04/25/2009 @ 15:23 [ref: 24122]
 Dave Abair
 Colchester, VT
My dad Retired MG Leo Abair flew a L4 in the Phillipines during WW2. He has some amazing stories. I have a video (16mm)of him, taken there, flying around at the very end of the war. http://www.abair.com/genealogy/Commendations.htm
My dad says the main mission of the L4 in was to replace the WW1 observation balloon that directed artillary. Feel free to contact me for more info.

Dave Abair
01/12/2008 @ 10:43 [ref: 19268]
 Johan Barth
 Lund, OTH
Finally I managed to find one to buy for my own. A L4H with production year of 1943 and s.no 11578. I have the history through germany from 1956 to Denmark in 1979 and finally in Sweden in 2006. But that is all!
Now there is a restoration back to original shape.
Does anyone have any clue where to find information?
Please email me and tell!
Best regards
Johan Barth
10/24/2006 @ 12:25 [ref: 14545]
 John Bayer
 Denver, CO
ALONE AND UNARMED is the story of a lone pilot, Staff Sergeant Ernest Kowalik, flying the military's version of the 65-hp Piper "Cub", during the Italian Campaign in WWII.

Flying without an Observer, because he was the "spare" pilot for the 88th Division Artillery HQ Battalion, Kowalik actually flew more than twice the average number of sorties and hours than the typical division Liaison Pilot, often at dangerously low altitiudes.

Artillery spotting and scouting for the 88th Infantry "Blue Devil" Division, he saw a wide variety of action, from taking out large enemy guns and rescuing supply caravans from ambush, to making possible several significant breakthroughs of enemy lines.

Join Staff Sergeant (later Lieutenant) Kowalik as he relives significant episodes of the world's struggle for freedom in that time.

"Directing artillery fire from an unarmed, unarmored light aircraft was surely one of thw most dangerous tasks performed on a daily basis during World War II. Flying from rough, unimproved airstrips, often within range of enemy shellfire, added to the perils faced by Field Artillery pilots, as did the ever present threat of bad weather. Such operations are covered in graphic detail by Ernest Kowalik, whose "Alone and Unarmed" is a welcome addition to the small number of books on a little known aspect of WWII."

- KEN WAKEFIELD, author of Lightplanes at War, The Flying Grasshoppers, and Luftwaffe Encore.

Pre-publication offer, only $19.95 plus $2.00 Media Mail shipping. Priority Mail extra.

Pay via Paypal to jrbayer3@yahoo.com, or send check or money order to:

The Glenn Curtiss Press

c/o Bayer

8501 E. Alameda Ave.


Denver, CO 80230-6891

01/24/2005 @ 23:28 [ref: 9241]
 Calixto Alberto
 Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Islas Cana, OTH
I am the owner of the Piper L-4J 44-80669. At the moment this in the Fundación Infante de Orleans, in Madrid. (Spain)
I am looking for information on the time in which served in the 5th Armored division, in europa (Dec 1944 to May 1945), pictures, names of people that flew her, etc.
It would be you very grateful, because I am trying to restore it it but faithful to the reality.
thank you to all.
Calixto Alberto de León
07/22/2004 @ 11:56 [ref: 7879]
 Calixto Alberto de León
 Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Islas Cana, OTH
Soy el propietario de una L-4j Grasshopper, 44-80669. Esta sirvio en el 5th Armored Division en Europa de Dic-44 a May-45( posiblemente en el 71st Field Artillery Battalion). Alguien podria darme informacion sobre sus posibles pilotos y sobre todo, de su codigo de fueselaje (54-?) . Gracias
07/16/2004 @ 10:32 [ref: 7838]
 John McCosker
 Melbourne, OTH
Attached is a photo of a newly restored aircraft. Ser No 430119. This L4H served in Italy in 1944 and then went to somewhere in Europe. It turned up in Australia about 30 years ago and last year we returned it to it WW2 colours. We have all the war records but we don\'t know who flew it. It was at Duko in Italy.
07/09/2004 @ 03:43 [ref: 7786]


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