Schweizer/Lockheed X-26B

  Base model:X-26
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Research

  Length: 26' 9" 8.1 m
  Height:9' 3" 2.8 m
  Wingspan: 57' 1" 17.4 m
  Wingarea: 180.0 sq ft 16.7 sq m
  Empty Weight: 1,576 lb 714 kg
  Gross Weight: 2,182 lb 989 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Continental O-200-A
  Horsepower (each): 100

  Max Speed: 115 mph 185 km/h 100 kt
  Ceiling: 13,000 ft 3,962 m

Known serial numbers
67-15345, 715345 / 715346

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama


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 Smokey Bles
 San Juan, OTH
To whoever reads this, Atualy I\'m trying to contact Terry Durkin of Buffalo N.Y. . In the Aviation Enthusiast Corner, I saw a note from him concerning the Lockheed X - 26b. I saw this or something like it in Viet Nam around late 67 or early 68 ( sorry I\'m in my sixties and cant remember exactly ). In the subsiquent years I\'ve been intreaged by this plane. People I talk to either don\'t know, or won\'t talk about it. I know I\'m not crazy, I did see it ! I finaly decided to search for it on the net, and I landed here. Terry\'s note said that he worked on it in California and in Nam . If he is listening, or if anybody knows him can you give him this message. He said that he would be willing to talk to anyone who , as he put it , \"want\'s to know what realy hapened\" . Thank you for your time, and allowing me to be on your site. Gerald ( Smokey ) Bles PS: If you do reach him, Ican be reached at smokey.bles@gmail.com
12/04/2009 @ 06:51 [ref: 25383]
 Don Scarbrough
 Elyria, OH
Near Gilroy, California, in a small hanger near the restaurant known as The Flying Lady, I saw one of these 2-32 aircraft with a Wankel engine in the early '70s and again in the '80s. While it did not appear to be in flying condition, it did seem to be complete.
08/21/2007 @ 22:51 [ref: 17718]
 Dale Ross Stith
 , TX
More X-26 Frigate information:

We, Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. acquired three SGS 2-32s (expedited by CNO) for our quick reaction (DARPA/DoD) Quiet Aircraft Program.

We modified two of the 2-32s to Quiet Thruster (QT-2) Experimental Aircraft and later to the Prize Crew (QT-2PC and QT-2PCII) configurations. The Prize Crew Aircraft operated in Vietnam most of 1968.

The third 2-32 was modified to Q-Star Aircraft configuration; First with an O-200 Continental Engine and later with a Curtiss-Wright (Rotary Wankel) RC2-60 Engine; An aviation first!

We later acquired more 2-32s and produced 11 YO-3As. The YO-3As operated in Vietnam in 1970-71. Note:The YO-3As are sometimes also (incorrectly) called "Quiet-Star", but we (LMSC and the military) knew them as YO-3As.

X-26 refers to a Navy Program.
The original 2-32s were designated as X-26s
After their military service the Prize Crew Aircraft were transferred back to the Navy (NTPS at Pax. R.). So the X-26 Gliders were re-designated X-26As and our aircraft (with power-plants) were re-designated as X-26Bs

The surviving X-26B (QT-2PC #1)is located at USAAM Ft. Rucker, AL. QT-2PC #2 has been "retro-verted" back to SGS-232 and is operated at Mile High Gliding in Boulder, Co.

We, the Quiet Aircraft Association, Inc. are comprised of former designers, builders, operators, and fans of the Quiet Aircraft.
We know only part of our history at this time, but are seeking, recording, organizing it.

If you can add to or correct our recrds please do so in any manner you choose.

Dale Ross Stith
President, Quiet Aircraft Assn, Inc (NPO)
quietaircraft.org, prizecrew.org, or YO-3A.com

08/27/2006 @ 15:53 [ref: 14006]
 Dale Ross Stith
 Arlington, TX
It's been a long time since we've emailed;
Lots has happened:
- See quietaircraft.org, prizecrew.org, and YO-3A.com
- We're incorporated as the Quiet Aircraft Association, Inc (a NPO in Texas).
- We've found many of our people and collected many images and stories.
- I've recently assumed some responsibilty for the QT-2 on-line material and will start adding stuff to the site as I learn how to do it.
- Lets set-up a link.
- I haven't heard from Terry in a long while, but would like to do so.
- Were setting up a reunion at Cable Airport on July 8, 9 & 10 (or thereabouts). See our websites for details.

There's a pretty accurate article about our work by Gilliam somewhere on the net. I'm trying to locate it again and will provide the link when found.
We're going to write our version of our story on our websites.

02/07/2005 @ 14:36 [ref: 9383]
 Jim Young
 Bloomington, CA
Saw Terry Durkins note offering better info on the X-26B (what I knew as QT-2PC) in the Aviation enthusiast's corner.
The only picture I've been able to find was in "Vietnam The War in the Air" by Rene J Francillon and it looks like a picture I could have taken (if I'd had a camera) the day before Tet in 68. I was an Air Force Weather Equipment Repairman checking out a new type cloud height ceilometer at Long Thanh North when I wandered into the hangar where it was kept. It was one of the weirdest days in my life and I've slowly been finding out more about the strange
sights that day.

I'd be thrilled to learn more about the plane I assumed was classified and didn't talk to almost anyone about until I saw it in the book mentioned.

02/03/2001 @ 15:26 [ref: 1527]
 Terry Durkin
 Buffalo, NY
Sir,I worked on the x-26b both in california and in vietnam.
I found several inaccuracies in what I read about it.I don"t
know if anyone cares to know about it but if they do,I'll be
glad to tell.
07/10/2000 @ 14:20 [ref: 418]


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