Stinson L-5B 'Sentinel'

  Base model:L-5
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
42-99574 / 42-99735, 44-16703 / 44-17102, 44-17104 / 44-17252


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 Jim Gray
 Phoenix, AZ
See the Stinson L-5 Owners Club website at www.sentinelclub.org

11/02/2006 @ 20:37 [ref: 14645]
 Mitch Kaften
 Chappaqua, NY
Correction: he passed away last October, 2005.
05/18/2006 @ 09:33 [ref: 13317]
 Mitch Kaften
 Chappaqua, NY
Douglas Kaften, my father, was also in the 155th Liaison Group. He never wrote back to you, but he and your dad probably knew each other. My father passed away in October, 2006. He loved to talk about his adventures in Burma. At the time he wrote, he just got back his pilot's license and was hoping to fly an old Stinson again. It was not to be. All the best.
05/18/2006 @ 09:32 [ref: 13316]
 Nancy Allen
 Pewaukee, WI
My father flew an L-5B in the CBI with 155th Liaison Squadron, Commando which was part of the 2nd Air Commando Group. While flying his L-5B, he earned a Distinguished Flying Cross and an oak leaf cluster and the Air Medal and three oak leaf clusters. He was also one of 30 men to fly an L-5 over the Hump.
10/06/2004 @ 17:52 [ref: 8404]
 Douglas Kaften
 Shelter Isl. Hts., NY
Does anyone know about an L-5B in flyable condition that might be for sale- preferably on the East Coast.
07/25/2000 @ 15:37 [ref: 498]


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