Taylorcraft L-2 'Grasshopper'

  Base model:L-2
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1962
  Basic role:Liaison
  See Also:O-57

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Known serial numbers
42-7773 / 42-7792

Examples of this type may be found at
McClellan Aviation MuseumMcClellan AFBCalifornia


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 J Crawford
 Sacramento, CA
The L-2 at McClellan was delivered to the Air Force on Dec 9, 1943 and assigned to the Civil Air Patrol in Little Rock, Arkansas on Dec 12, 1943. It was dropped from the USAF inventory in July 1945 and entered civilian use until flown to the museum on Sept 11, 1985. It is on loan from the National Museum of the USAF.
07/23/2009 @ 09:51 [ref: 24308]
 Baylor Randle
 San Antonio, TX
I have an L2, owned since 1992 when it was rebuilt with a total of less than 1,000 hours on the acft and 17 hours on a rebuilt engine I now have800 plus hours on it and replaced the engine with one having 300 plus last year It is a great little plane hangared at a grass strip with 10 other liaison acft of the WWII era
02/15/2008 @ 07:39 [ref: 19683]
 Jon Skillman
 Bethel, AK
I had an L-2a (57502) back in the late 70's - early 80's. Great little airplane. Wish I had it now.
About those doors: the L2 had a right side door that was basically just a small "screen door." It was the L4 Piper that had the Cub doors opening up and down. Someone may have given you the wrong designation. There are a bunch of L whatevers out there.
The pilot sits right at the CG so if a passenger is on board, you are tail heavy, making for some interesting stall characteristics. When solo, mine would, like most small airplanes, roll over the top in an accelerated stall. But with a passenger on board, a stall during a steep turn would cause it to tuck under and go inverted. It was controllable if you knew it was coming, but the first one was a real surprise! And not something you wanted to happen when turning to final!

03/22/2006 @ 18:34 [ref: 12886]
 Ray Dustrude
 cincinnati, OH
We had a Taylorcraft L2 (46079)in our air force flying club at Dover, Delaware in 1956. I remember it as having Cub type doors on it (open 1/2 up and 1/2 down). I've never seen a picture of this type of door on an L2 on the internet. Did They ever come with this type door or am I remembering it wrong?
05/17/2005 @ 13:51 [ref: 10240]
 scott moore
 augusta maine, ME
the L-2 was the first plane i soloed. Iwas 16 years old,my father bought the plane. we tore it down to bare bones scrape it .primed it .then it was to the airport.for fabric, the a/e took the first check ride ..then i went with him second flight.we went into a- loop about 110.to slow.as you no .tail heavy.well we fell out of it any way.it stalled out inverted.then went into a spin, a turn in a half.we started at 2500. recoverd at about 900.the 2 loop,was better at about 130 airspeed.[the assol .a/e. any way that day 7/30/73 i soloed, all the planes at the airport.2 -150s. 172. L2m. N-58036.it will be a memory that of my father and my self i shall cherish allways.
03/23/2002 @ 22:10 [ref: 4569]
 Ken Bacon
 Okmulgee, OK
I have an L-2 and it is a wonderful airplane. Mine was completely redone in 1995/96, including all new glass, etc, and is a beautiful airplane. It has the green warbird paint with the blue and white stars and bars. I am going to sell it if you know anyone that is looking for an L-2. I am going to a four place airplane. The L-2 is a cheap way to do a lot of flying in a taildragger.
02/06/2001 @ 10:39 [ref: 1560]


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