Alabama ANG - 117th ARW, Birmingham

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Address(1)Birmingham Airport

Exhibits - By Primary role
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Republic RF-84F (Thunderflash) Serial No: 52-7409 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas RF-4C (Phantom II) Serial No: 63-7745 


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02/27/2012 @ 23:58 [ref: 33695]
 Tony Wessel
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was there about a year ago and they've added some helicopters. The display area is open to the public. I have some pictures posted on Facebook, just copy this link:
04/03/2011 @ 20:00 [ref: 14383]
 Fund Rampa - Parnamirim Field (1941
 Natal - BRAZIL,

Our goals The Rampa Foundation was formed in 2001 to preserve the aeronautical history of the Rio Grande do Norte state from 1922 to the end of World War II. From the fledgling pioneers to the end of the most brutal conflict the human race has ever seen, Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte was a witness and a player in making aviation a reality for everyone Before WWII, Pan Am and her brazilian subsidiary Panair, Air France, Lufthansa and her brazilian subsidiary Syndicato Condor and the Italian Airline Lati lived together in Natal. After Brazil declared war on the Axis powers in August 1942, the combined US and Brazilian military patroled the Atlantic narrows, between Brazil and Africa. Many U-boots met their fate in the hands of US Navy anti-submarine squadrons based in Parnamirim Field, the largest us base outside the US. The first B-29 used against Japan, from the CBI theater of war, flew her way from the us to China via Parnamirim Field, Natal. All the planes used in North Africa, Middle-East, China, Burma, India, were ferried via Natal, even a replacement engine, a spare part or a vital bood-bag, came to the front via Natal After the war, on the way home all those planes with the veteran crews from the CBI and North Africa made a resting stop in Natal before getting home. emai l
02/21/2010 @ 01:18 [ref: 9268]
 alex wiginton
 birmingham, Alabama

02/16/2008 @ 07:10 [ref: 6771]
 Mike \"Ollie\" Oliver
 Las Vegas, Nevada

Cool to the max, I was in the 117/106 from 1979 to 1992 when I transfered to Alaska ANG. Love it! Ollie
07/23/2007 @ 10:17 [ref: 6146]
 , Florida

To the son of Major Wayne Fitts. Yes I met him except they called him Scrote. Just so you know, he was probably one of the finest aviators to ever ride double ugly. I believe he was a graduate of Fighter Weapons School and a hell of a good guy.
11/16/2006 @ 13:24 [ref: 5429]
 Doug Walker
 Baker, Louisiana

I served with the 106th Squadron in the 117th from 1954 to 1959, crewing a Douglas B-26 and then the Republic RF-84F photo recon plane. I left in 1959 and joined the Army for active duty.
05/15/2006 @ 15:06 [ref: 5005]
 Jarrod White
 Gulf Shores, Alabama

My dad flew RF-4's out of Birmingham til they were retired in 94. The year before, one of his buddies crashed one of the planes and died, which is one of the reasons they were retired. If anyone here ever met Major Wayne Fitts, email me, and I'll hook you up.
10/14/2005 @ 14:36 [ref: 4507]
 Kenneth Coutch
 Birmingham, Alabama

My dad was in the old 117th. He retired from it in 1995 I think. The 117th the world class. I hate to see the 117th go. My dad was a jet engine mech. I live real close the the b'ham airport from 1973 till I moved in 1991. I missed the roar on the f4 on wedsday night so bad when i moved i couldn't sleep.
08/12/2005 @ 18:30 [ref: 4335]
 BHM, Alabama

RB is correct, once an RF4-C, always a RF-4C. They served in the Gulf War in 1990 / 1991 and continued to fly in the 117th at BHM until May 1994. Some were drones and some were storage at Davis Mothin, Az.
08/09/2005 @ 03:06 [ref: 4317]

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