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Address(1)Edmonton Aviation Heritage Center
Address(2)11410 Kingsway Avenue
ZipT5G 0X4

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Monday through Friday -- 10:00am to 3:00pm
Saturday -- 9:00am to 1:30pm
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Fighter (Canada)
 McDonnell CF-101B (Voodoo) Serial No: 101-590  


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 قصص عربية
 ddddddd, Alabama

منتديات توب عرب للمبدعين احساس منتديات عامة افضل المنتديات العربية
01/31/2014 @ 18:59 [ref: 55571]
 قصص عربية
 ddddddd, Alabama

01/31/2014 @ 18:58 [ref: 55570]
 Bill Robertson
 Edmonton, Alberta

I hadn't been over to the Museum since the Fathers Day event in '02. What a dramatic change! Well done! The building looks great, the grounds border on spectacular. The breadth of the displayed aircraft is awesome! Very well presented and demonstrated. It is important that lessons of our past are preserved for our future generations and this Museum is a shining example of the genre. Well done to all responsible. I will not miss Airfest this year!
05/30/2008 @ 07:30 [ref: 7847]
 Brian Davidson
 , Ontario

Just visited the museum and it's one of the best I've been to. It's great to be able to get up close and personal with the planes. I'll be back!
03/04/2008 @ 06:33 [ref: 6868]
 , Alberta

Seems Konrad has unfairly driven down the rating of this fine museum with rantings that have no relation to the museum. The Alberta Aviation Museum appears to be the 3rd largest collection in Canada and recently added new interactive and audio visual displays to better present the history of this important site. While the museum is in my opinion above average I am rating it World class to balance the irrelevent ratings made by Konrad.
11/30/2007 @ 11:37 [ref: 6546]
 James Hamilton
 , Alberta

LEt it be known that Konrad Westendorf is a complete buffoon. I will search him down and haul his fat ass back to Munich.
10/12/2007 @ 11:37 [ref: 6393]
 , Alberta

Nice museum
08/19/2007 @ 20:19 [ref: 6237]
 Tom Hinderks
 , Alberta

Check out the website, it is really inovative and easy to use with lots of interesting photos!
02/25/2007 @ 18:22 [ref: 5652]
 Konrad Westendorf
 Edmonton, Alberta

Trapper(NOC-8442) have work available worldwide as Conservation Officer(NOC-2224),they consequently do not have to stay in Canada with Westtendorf of the Philippines.
02/14/2007 @ 17:18 [ref: 5617]
 , Northwest Territories & Nunavut

An awsome display of artifacts and information, aside from the aircraft. I have been to museums in Canada, USA and UK and this rates highly by comparison.
01/28/2006 @ 23:10 [ref: 4749]


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