McDonnell CF-101B 'Voodoo'

  Base model:CF-101
  Basic role:Fighter (Canada)
  Crew:Pilot and weapons officer
  First Flew:1957/03/27
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  Length: 67'5" 20.5 m
  Height:18' 5.4 m
  Wingspan: 39'8" 12.0 m
  Wingarea: 368.0 sq ft 34.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 28,970 lb 13,141 kg
  Gross Weight: 45,664 lb 20,713 kg
  Max Weight: 52,400 lb 23,768 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-55 (A/B 16,900Lb/7,666Kg)
  Thrust (each):10,200 lb 4,627 kg

  Range: 1,520 miles 2,445 km
  Cruise Speed: 551 mph 887 km/h 479 kt
  Max Speed: 1,134 mph 1,825 km/h 986 kt
  Climb: 49,200 ft/min15,000 m/min
  Ceiling: 54,800 ft 16,705 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Alberta Aviation MuseumEdmontonAlberta
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario
Maine ANG - 101st ARW, BangorBangorMaine
Peterson Air & Space MuseumPeterson AFBColorado
R.C.A.F. Memorial MuseumAstraOntario

CF-101B on display

Peterson Air & Space Museum

R.C.A.F. Memorial Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 kevin C
 Cold Lake, AB
Sunny Corner Dude...I think that was serial 026 or 029 that you are referring to. I was in Chatham at that time. Hey I crashed my 76 Pinto on that bridge in Sunny Corner in '83
02/17/2009 @ 02:37 [ref: 23748]
 Jim Mutch
 Halifax, NS
In the mid 80s, maybe 1984-85, a Voodoo from CFB Chatham (I presume)came down in the woods in the western part of the Mirimachi. I remember being in high school in Sunny Corner and hearing the boom. Both guys got out and were found by a salmon fisherman that saw the chutes coming down. Anyone know more what happened?
08/11/2007 @ 18:06 [ref: 17564]
 Red Deer, AB
Re: The CT 114 Tutor crash in Regina Schoolyard. The ejection seats worked fine. Unfortunately due to the altitude and attitude, safe ejection was impossible. I lived at CFB Moose Jaw at the time and remember it well. The crash narrowly missed a high rise and it was apparent at the time that the last act of the pilot may have been to steer the airplane away from the high rise and in doing so, sacrificed any chance of a successful ejection. It wasn't a case of the Ejection seats not working.
04/26/2007 @ 22:21 [ref: 16319]
 Regina, SK
I agree with Daryl. Sorry Tim, but I have lived here pretty much all of my 36 years. It was a CT-114 Tutor. Yes both occupants died as a result of a failed ejector seat, and it was caused by a flock of birds into the intake. Debris was scattered much throughout what was then Columbus Park(baseball diamonds, mainly) and a Elementary School. Coincidentally, 2 years after the crash, a Harvard crashed within 200 metres of the previous site.


11/08/2006 @ 05:14 [ref: 14689]
 Tom Rutherdale
 , ON
This is an excellent article, and those interested in the Voodoo will find a good writeup about it near the end of the article.
08/15/2006 @ 14:42 [ref: 13892]
 Darryl Pajot
 Kitchener, ON

Nice to "meet" you (so to speak). I have always been an admirer of your prowess in the CF104. What a magnificent a/c that was. I was fortunate enough to take some instruction from Jake Miller when I was on the CF5 OTU at Cold Lke.


I believe the accident you make reference to involved a CT-114 Tutor from Moose Jaw. This happened a few years before I did my training at the "Jaw". As you correctly mentioned, both the instructor and the student lost their lives in an ejection sequence that was left too late.

02/07/2005 @ 17:27 [ref: 9385]
 , NS
Tim from Ottawa. Since the nearest Voodoo base was Comox, BC, it is much more likely that the aircraft that crashed into your schoolyard in Regina was a (Cold Lake-based) CF-104D (dual) Starfighter. I flew Voodoos (all of which were two-seaters - the guy in the back was a radar operator, not a pilot) in the late 70's, but never heard of any crashing anywhere near Regina. On the other hand, the 104 (which we nicknamed the Lockheed Lawn Dart) "went in" all over the place...
01/28/2005 @ 11:04 [ref: 9291]
 Ottawa, ON
A CF101 crashed in my school yard in Regina back in the early seveties. It was a 2 seat trainer had sucked in some Canada geese after take off and bloo the engine. The pilot banked away from the city, made it over the school but crashed into the ball diamond. Sadly both pilots were killed.

The new national war museum has one in the main lobby visable from the street.
12/10/2004 @ 17:26 [ref: 8836]
 Peter Robichaud
 Moncton, NB
I have recently completed 10 acrylic on canvas paintings of CF-101s in various paint jobs and markings,but all RCAF.
Anyone interested in purchasing prints or originals should contact me.Custom of work of just about any fighter aircraft is also available.Most pictures are available for viewing via e-mail.

Long Live The One"O"Wonder
03/24/2004 @ 18:21 [ref: 7045]
 Charlene Martel aka voodoochick
 CFB Borden, ON
I loved taking a look over your site, and noticed that you had only 5 examples of places where the CF-101B may be found
on display. Here on base at CFB Borden we have one on display also which can be seen on Maple Drive on base, along with examples of the Sabre, Freedom fighter, etc..
I am uploading a picture of the Voodoo we have here, which is number 011.
Hope it some use.
Charlene aka voodoochick.
07/30/2002 @ 23:32 [ref: 5399]


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