NAS Whiting Field

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Scout trainer - NAVY 'SN' 1939-1948
 North American SNJ-6 (Texan) Serial No: 112161  
Trainer - NAVY 'N' 1922-1926
 Stearman N2S-5 (Kaydet) Serial No: 43156  


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 George Bridgham
 Bangor, Maine

VT-2 from 1967 to 1969 Worked on flight line for a time. Worked in avionics shop in old hanger below tower and later transferred to new AMD hanger in avionics shop. Worked under watchful eye of Chief Joe Slater . Great memories remember one weekend shop people moved shop from up near chow hall to new hanger. Chief rewarded us with a special treat after the move. Loved working on all that tube equipment for the T -28's.
02/05/2014 @ 10:00 [ref: 55575]
 Gary Wiggins
 , Washington

Was stationed at NAAS Whiting Field in '66 and '67, VT-3. Worked at A/CH until being sent to Memphis for AQ school. Still have good memories of the guys and events of that era.
07/18/2013 @ 07:59 [ref: 55490]
 Scott S
 , Florida

I'm not sure when there was a Stearman or SNJ at NAS Whiting Field, but there is a TH-57A, an T-34C, an T-28C, and a UH-1 on a stick as the gate guards. There is also a T-2 and an H-46 on the grounds not on sticks. Currently, there is also a Blue Angel painted F-18 on the south end of the field, but no word on what will become of it. There is not a Stearman or SNJ anywhere on the field. It's also not really open to the public.
04/05/2010 @ 14:29 [ref: 9319]
 David Brown
 Friendswood, Texas

I was at Whiting from March 1968 till January 1970. I worked at AMD hanger in support of VT-2 & 3. Lots of memories, and I have been back once to visit, long after the T-28C was placed on the pedestal at the front gate.
01/29/2010 @ 14:05 [ref: 9247]
 Ron Humphrey
 Del City, Oklahoma

I did two tours at the weather office 94-97 and again as the LPO of the weather office 00-04. LOVED MY TIME AT WHITING!
08/16/2009 @ 07:29 [ref: 8841]
 Tom Bell
 Inverness, Florida

I arrived at Whiting in the spring of '65 as a fresh AZAA right out of A-School. VT-2 wasn't quite what I had expected out of the Navy, but I soon blended into the routine. I was first assigned to Jackets & Flight Support in the Training Bldg., but eventually ended up in Maintenance. I lived in the old barracks across from the Training Bldg. (bldg's 1421, 1422 & 1423) and think I remember Mike Colomb who wrote a note previously as I was in the Aero Club as well. I got out in '69 but went back into the reserves eventually retiring as a UTC. I do miss those days, but mostly I miss the people I served with.
03/11/2009 @ 10:38 [ref: 8733]
 Michael Driscoll
 Canton, Michigan

I was stationed at Whiting field as a SNA US Marine Corps officer from 1978-79. I flew in VT-2, HT-8, and HT-18. Seems like a million years ago and have many happy memories of friends and fellow officers. We were young then!
05/19/2008 @ 15:39 [ref: 7799]
 Robert E. McGuffin
 North Royalton 44133, Ohio

I was stationed there Feb and March of 1944 for instrument training in the SNJ Texan. Graduated July 28th 1944 and then to fly the F4U Corsair for the rest of the war. I finished training at Pensacola at Barin Field. We flew the radio beam at NAS Whiting Field. A lot more difficult than instrument flying today. Bob
05/07/2008 @ 18:46 [ref: 7466]
 AZ3 Narses Rodriguez

I was stationed at Whiting Field from April 68 to Jun. 70. My squadron was VT 2. I worked Ground Control for a few month's then was transfered to Maintenance Administratión, Production Control as an AZAN apprentice, I made E4 and continued working in AMAD till I was transfered to the USS Independance. I also worked as an illustrator (Staff Artist) at the base (Remember " Rodriguez Illustrates Air Show, recieves commendation"/ April 6th 1970) I have great memories of the base and the area. I married a local girl from milton and ..., well many years have past.
01/08/2008 @ 19:17 [ref: 6667]
 Dennis Colvin
 Sullivan, Missouri

I was stationed at Whiting Field from Sept 68 to Aug 70. My squadron was VT 2. Worked on the flight line until I made E4 then went to the airframe shop. I have very fond memories of the base and the area. My family and I toured the base about 5 years ago while on vacation. A lot of things have changed on the base but they are still working out of the same hangars I worked in. Interested in hearing from anyon that was there at that time.
01/08/2008 @ 18:01 [ref: 6666]

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