North American SNJ-6 'Texan'

  Manufacturer:North American

  Base model:SNJ
  Equivalent to: AT-6F AT6FAT-6F
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1939-1948
  Basic role:Scout trainer

  Length: 29' 5" 8.9 m
  Height:11' 8.5" 3.5 m
  Wingspan: 42' 0" 12.8 m
  Wingarea: 254.0 sq ft 23.5 sq m
  Empty Weight: 4,158 lb 1,885 kg
  Gross Weight: 5,300 lb 2,403 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1
  Horsepower (each): 600

  Range: 750 miles 1,207 km
  Cruise Speed: 170 mph 273 km/h 147 kt
  Max Speed: 205 mph 330 km/h 178 kt
  Ceiling: 21,500 ft 6,552 m

Known serial numbers
111949 / 112359, 112360 / 112528

Examples of this type may be found at
NAS Whiting FieldWhitingFlorida
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida

SNJ-6 on display

National Museum of Naval Aviation


Recent comments by our visitors
 Mark Cartwright
 Anaheim Hills, CA
Looking for 1943 SNJ-5 SER/52006 AKA N52006/N7995C

Any records/Location/Info ?

Former CAP aircraft (San Fernando Squadron 35). Condor Squadron at VNY.

12/06/2014 @ 05:55 [ref: 68812]
 Robin E. Wilkinson
 Clearwater, FL
I went through flight training in the Pensacola area from October, 1954 through October, 1955 and flew the SNJ-4,-5,and the -6. I flew a SNJ-6 on 10/05/1955 with a Serial # 112124 that is very close to the one listed. I still have my log book with all of the times I flew in the SNJ. The SNJ was a lot of fun to fly and very acrobatic. I hope to visit the museum in the very near future.
03/15/2008 @ 19:56 [ref: 20034]
 Lt Col(retd)Martin Burton
 Norfolk UK, OTH
Interested in your site. My late father was a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilot who trained at Pensacola in 1942...I still have the certificate and US Navy wings that he earned. Perhaps your site might menbtion the help that the USN provided in training British naval aviators, who then went on to fly the F4F, F6F and F4U (Wildcat, Hellcat & Corsair to us) in ops with TF57 in the Pacific. My father trained on SNJs amongst other types. I hope to make it to the museum one day.

09/12/2006 @ 07:07 [ref: 14147]
 Jerry Bushman
 Leonardtown, MD
Worked in crash crew 1953-55. Many adventures with Navcads landing at OLF's. Biggest memory was the Hurricane that caught us by surprise, wasn't time to fly away. Hanger was filled with planes from other fields and ALL of our SNJ's were lifted up, wheels retracted and lowered onto sandbags and tied down right there on the line. Quite a sight all lined up lying flat on the deck. Wish now I had taken a picture of that.
04/09/2005 @ 15:42 [ref: 9912]
 Frank Sherman
 Tavares, FL
I mostly remember the SNJ from the TV Series Black Sheep Squadron!
03/04/2005 @ 15:42 [ref: 9611]


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