Georgia ANG - 165th AG, Savannah

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Address(1)Savannah International Airport

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Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 North American F-86L (SabreJet) Serial No: 51-5891 
 Republic F-84D (Thunderjet) Serial No: 48-741 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, Virginia

As a point of clarification: Macon Ga is 160 miles from Moody AFB. I hopw they don't let ROTC work on our aircraft!
04/08/2013 @ 03:51 [ref: 55460]
 Air Force ROTC
 , Georgia

hi i work at the Moody Air Force Base in Macon, Ga. I am an Aviation Maitenance Technician which means i work on airplanes. But don't listen to that little 13 year old he is only 13 he doesn't know what he likes I really like your meusum. Besides his name is DUDE. welll it was very interesting. I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the good side of my work. (which is were u get to see the beautiful aircraft when u r done with them.)
06/07/2006 @ 12:12 [ref: 5058]
 Augusta, Georgia

Great museum with lots of history and interesting facts as well as great displays.
03/23/2005 @ 23:59 [ref: 3932]
 , Georgia

hi guys ur exhibits where pretty boring make it more hands on stuff where u can dmonstate stuff. and make a cool video about stunt planes it would be better. im 13 and i recently came on a trip with my school to the muasam.
11/08/2004 @ 21:41 [ref: 3560]

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